Adult vs. Family Practitioner

  1. As I research and browse the programs NP and the internet for job availability. I am really needing some advice on becoming an Adult vs. a Family NP. I realize Adult NP can care for children to the age of 13, however my dilemma is...I do not want to limit myself on finding a position because I went the Adult NP route. Advice please?
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  3. by   hik9258
    Why not just go FNP. It covers the age group you want, plus some. I'd imagine that would give you more flexibility in the job market.
  4. by   BostonFNP
    Family will give you much more flexibility than the ANP/AGNP.
  5. by   RN0711
    Family was the way I initially intended to go, however with not wanting to necessarily care for babies and such, that is why I am contemplating just adult. Also with that said family NP is a slightly longer program, yet I don't want to limit myself as far as finding a job in the future in a clinic type setting with only have the Adult NP under my belt, so just wanting advice from the current workforce on how limited you feel if you are and Adult NP or how unlimited you feel. I live in the Midwest, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa area and jobs seems to be fairly prevalent as long as I am open to either moving or travel. Thanks for everyone's advice- I appreciate it..
  6. by   Cessna172
    If you surely don't want to see young children, do the ANP. I am glad I did the FNP program, as I don't mind seeing the young ones, but I am not going to work in a pediatric clinic either. We have an ANP at the family practice clinic, and when a pedi comes in, either I or the physician sees that patient. Just remember that if you do the FNP, and go into a clinic where young children are patients, then you most likely will be caring for them.