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If I am graduating from a school in Alabama, how do I go about getting my nursing license in Georgia?

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When you get ready for NCLEX you can choose which state you would like to be licensed in. I think there is a little more paperwork that has to be done for an out-of-state license..not sure. I graduated in AL and opted to sit for AL and then did a license by endorsement for FL b/c I wasn't sure which state I would be working in. I live really close to the state line and was applying for jobs in both states. It was a good choice b/c I got hired on in FL.

I would say if you know you are going work in GA, sit for GA. If not, get AL and do the license by endorsement. You should be able to find all the info for that on GA's BON website.

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Just go to the GA Board's website, download their application for license, and follow the instructions. If you wanted to get your AL license you would download the AL application and fill it out. Just do this for the state you want to get your first license in. After that, if you want additional licenses you will endorse that license into the new state or follow whatever steps must be taken if you have received a compact state license. Good luck.

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