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I look at things almost always from a historical perspective. Mother being a historian and all that. 

Pre Christians, there were humans in all corners of the world for at least hundred thousand years or is Christianity a religion for the modern world? Roman conversion was political because Constantine could see which way the wind was blowing. The slaves adopted Christianity because it offered something other than nothingness like an afterlife and equality. Easy to see why it flourished. It offered hope and an elevation to being better than others without status or money. Significant things is ego and pride! 

Except, what happened to the pre Christians or current non Christians? This wonderful afterlife, what about the Christians who died horribly in wars or through crimes or illness? Why did they deserve that suffering if they were chosen? 

Christian tenets are good and is better for society than non believers except, it's delusional and not based in reality... which is why they are more susceptible to charlatans and grifters! They are already steeped in fantasy. 

I find it difficult to understand how nurses knowing as much science and biology as they should, are able to still be religious? Our nursing behaviors are functional and based on assessment and scientific evidence. They absolutely know what we are compromised of and the chemical processes that make us function and the tiny variations of genetic material specializations that create the different species. 

I would personally much rather have a GPS re knowing about the traffic ahead and alternative routes, than an old map! This was a deliberate analogy! GPS made maps obsolete!! So does reality re fantasy! 

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On 5/27/2021 at 10:22 AM, DavidFR said:

No harm done Curious, I still love you!

I agree with what you say. If there is this "loving" God why do innocent children suffer horrible diseases etc. 

Each to their own, people believe what they wish but I hate preachers and as outlined above, the arrogant assuptions about atheists as though we're somehow morally inferior. Insulting.


On 5/25/2021 at 6:09 PM, ChristopherGllardoJr. said:

Did you come into a Christian Thread in the Spirituality section of this website just to harass Christians and try to tell us how to live our lives using the book of our God when you clearly have no faith in our God?


What utter nonsense.

Seems like the "Christian Contingent" has no difficulty telling others how to live. 

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On 6/7/2018 at 4:55 AM, newgirlintown94 said:

Hello all! Thanks for reading my venting and hopefully sharing some advice. I am new nurse - been working for roughly 9 months. I am an extremely strong christian and my faith in God leads every decision in my life. Recently at work I have realized that I have become an angry person. I work on a cardiac unit and several of the patients I take care of are frequent flyers because they do not take care of themselves and come to the hospital to get 'quick-fixed' and room service. I have unknowingly adopted the attitude: if you don't care about your health why should I? Several of the nurses on my unit are constantly saying that and its taking a toll on how I think as well as my faith. I never used to be an angry person and I hate that I have so quickly adopted this new attitude. I spent lots of time in prayer and reading the Bible and I pray before entering a patients room that I know might make me upset, but something they say continually seems to set me off. I totally have faith in God that He will take this out of my hands in His perfect timing, but I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has struggled with this and practical applications yall have used? Thank you thank you!

side note: not trying to start some heated debate about religion! There was just no way I could ask for advive without including the God aspect. Thanks for reading!!

I've personally struggled with this as well in the past. As a fellow Christian nurse, always remember to guard your heart and guard your mind.

You do not have control over other people's lives, and it is not your place to judge. 

The best thing that you can do as a Christian nurse is to be caring. God is control. 

I've cared for addicts, non-compliant patients, frequent flyers, and even murderers. As Christians we are called to be an example of what it means to be a Christian: love others as you love yourself. 

Pray for peace, guidance, and whatever you need - whatever it is that youre struggling with. Remind yourself of what you believe in.

A resource that has been helpful for me: The Bible App. It's free. You can read, highlight favorite verses, take notes, share with others, or set it to audibly play for you. I will listen to it play (with a timer set) and often fall asleep fast listening to the words, even after an especially stressful day. 

Another resource: 

Sometimes these are helpful. Check this out, and other related videos. I hope this is helpful 


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On 5/26/2021 at 8:16 PM, londonflo said:

Religion and healthcare do not work well together, unless both parties have the same deep belief system. However spiritualty may be part of health care as long as the caregiver's beliefs are not forced on the patient or their family. 

I disagree with religion and healthcare "not working well together" and also understand that everyone has their own individual experiences and walks through life.  

I grew up in a broken home and didn't like people much. Didn't have many friends, often didn't trust people, - couldn't even trust my own immediate family members and moved far away from them to get away. I have no idea why I chose nursing when I went off to college. Things kinda fell into place and I developed a level of empathy and desire to care for people more than I had ever known before. Despite the challenges that exist in nursing, being a nurse taught me valuable lessons... appreciating not just the big things but the little things, moments, connections, the good things, giving and receiving grace,  and focusing on what to be grateful for: life. Each day one is alive, its a gift. It can be gone any day, at any time. 

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Additional thoughts on the OPs post... its OK to feel emotions. 

God feels emotions, even ones like sadness, anger, disappointment, grief... and so do we

ACTING on emotions that lead to negative things... Such as neglectful care/ giving lesser care, allowing your own heart to become hardened towards those kinds of patients you feel frustrated with...or allowing yourself to get stuck in your head with thoughts such as: "why should I care if they don't care?"... judgemental thoughts...negative assumptions... focusing on things like those don't do any patient any good and can negatively affect your own well-being.

You are what you focus on. Focusing on the things that foster frustration, anger, despair, indifference... and acting/ giving too much attention to those things, without God's help, will lead you down a dark road. 

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