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Stressed nursing undergrad


PLEASE HELP! I am currently a sophomore in college. Currently I am taking the courses Intro to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (finished the first portion, which was general chemistry), along with the lab, Statistics, political science, and sociology. I am terrified for the organic and biochemistry class because even though I have started the class, the material just seems difficult. I cry EVERY SINGLE DAY and even sometimes when I am driving. I was registered for anatomy/physiology 1 and lab, but decided to drop it because the final for the class was in the same day as my Statistics final, so I had thought this would be unmanageable with trying to study for both classes but I feel so regretful! Any suggestions for learning Organic chem/biochem? I feel like I can't concentrate because I am filled with so much anxiety (I am not even exaggerating: I CRY EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!) I don't know that I will have to withdraw from this class and the lab later on in the semester. I am trying to get into the direct BSN program in this school. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

MissMoo25, BSN, MSN, RN, APRN, NP

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My advice from one anxious person to another is that you find a way to manage your anxiety before you continue. You may dig yourself a hole you have to get out of if you don't go in with determination and a clear head. I suggest you research ways like guided imagery and breathing techniques and see if you can manage your stress because to be honest it only gets worse. You have way less control and more to encounter once you hit the core classes. If you feel and know you can do it let that be your driving force to help you snap out of it when you feel yourself losing control. Best of luck!

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With a previous degree, I flunked one class and nearly failed a second because I had not dealt with my personal issues and so I had anxiety that was pushing me to the edge and over. Once I was able to get that under control - and yes, that meant therapy and medication - I became much more successful. Learning coping strategies meant that when I went for my nursing degree I didn't dig myself into such a deep hole. I had problems, yes, but they were manageable because I was able to recognize them and work through them.

So yes. Take care of yourself first and get that anxiety under control and then I've no doubt that you'll figure out how you best study. I'd suggest going to your school's health services or counseling center, if there is one.

I understand your stress because I had the same issues when I had to take the Chemistry and Microbiology courses. I had to take Chemistry 2 times. So my second time taking Chemistry, I had a tutor that I seen once per week and I used a lot of flash cards. It really helped me get an A. Don't give up and I know its hard but try not to be stressed. You will pass!!!

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