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Stress/Incont Nurses

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Do you have GU problems?

  1. 1. Do you have GU problems?

    • Frequent UTI's
    • Stress incontenence
    • Incontenence
    • Have normal GU function

63 members have participated

Would love to see more votes on the poll! So far there are more votes for nurses having GU problems than not.:uhoh21:

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You're so right, Huganurse.

I've got a different sort of problem. I've still got the uterus, although I'm not fond of it. I don't exactly have stress incontinence or quite urge incontinence.... exactly.

I have "sight of a potty" incontinence. Sometimes, even if I don't FEEL like I have to go that bad, when I actually get in the same room with the potty and if I look at it, sometimes I can't very effectively "hold it." What's up with that. Sometimes turning around whilst I unzip etc. and just telling myself "no. no. no. no." kind of helps.

So if you're in a stall at the mall or someplace and there's a lady a couple of stalls down, muttering "no. no. no. no." that's prolly me.



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I was once relieved... odd word choice, given the subject matter....um replaced on duty....by a new male nurse. It was the first time I had met him. He came up to my desk with a shocked look on his face and in hushed tones announced, "They found a body in the parking lot! No ID but they know it was a nurse!" I asked how they knew that and he answered, "Because the bladder was full and the posterior area had been chewed out!"

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On & off over the years have had a variety of incontinence issues from NurseDennie's "potty sight'' to nightowl's "bronchitis cough". And prn nurse, I have heard the same lecture from the docs about the hysterectomy, which I haven't yet had. But when I read TIREDmidnightRN's story about the body in the parking lot being a nurse it reminded me of the ped who hugged me around the middle and wanted to know what the crinkly noise was...my Depends.

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