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Stop freaking out over COMPASS math!


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This IS NOT a PASS/FAIL test, regardless of what many try to say. It is only a way for the school to see where you place academically in case you need a "refresher" for the prerequisite math course. It has NO BEARING on whether or not you are accepted into a nursing program after you complete the prerequisites. NONE!!!! Just do well in the prerequisites, and you WILL get accepted. I'm sick and tired of seeing people on these threads scaring the crap out of students over COMPASS. Take the test, and then take the courses (Math and English) that you are placed into. Do well in them, and you WILL become a nurse. If you need a refresher, good. It will only help in the long run.

Same thing for community college Accuplacer's. You take these tests after you are already accepted into the school.

There is no negative impact for having to take a remedial English or Math class on your nursing application.

Some say to study for it. Others say do not study for it because you may be placed incorrectly in a class you are not prepared to take. Not doing well in English Comp 101 or Precalculus, because you placed out of Algebra, will effect your nursing application.

The new changes to my school's nursing program will actually incorporate COMPASS into a pre-req. I didn't do so hot on mine and I am going to retest around the same time I take my TEAS. I think it's okay not to study for it because like pp said, you could be placed in a class you are not prepared to take.

This is all new to me. I thought compass tests were required by the school, not the nursing program.

With my first degree, I don't think we had these tests. They just placed us according to our SAT scores.

It was the admissions advisor who told me not to study for these tests.


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The Compass/Accuplacer has no bearing on getting accepted into a nursing program. It is to let the school(and your advisor), not a nursing program affiliated with that school, know what academic areas you need help in. Once you are placed into appropriate PRE REQ classes, THEN you need to bust out a great GPA to get accepted into the nursing program that is affiliated with your school. No nursing program at any school(at least not mine) cares about your "mean" on the Compass/Accuplacer, no more than Med Schools care how well an applying undergraduate did on the SAT before even sitting in a pre-med classroom. They care only about how well you do in the classes you are taking as the prerequisites to get accepted into the nursing program. I just met with my advisor and I'm pretty much quoting her verbatum. The nursing program and the pre-nursing classes are two different "animals." I tested well in math and English, but I'm still going to take a refresher Algebra class because I don't want to chance getting in "over my head." It's also been 20 years since I was in High School. It's a miracle I remembered what I did. Also, if you are a new HS grad, and you took the SATs, those scores will determine your placement(in most cases) into pre req classes, and you can get a waiver from Compass/Accuplacer.

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Right, but I haven't seen anyone stressing about those tests on here. I see people worry about entrance exams and NCLEX. I'm glad I did what I did on the Accuplacer because I took 2 semesters of remedial algebra, which helped me on the Teas and got me ready for college algebra. No one needs to stress period.


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Exactly. I'm doing pretty much the same. What prompted my first post was another thread on another site regarding Compass.There were people intentionally trying to stress out students by telling them how hard they needed to study for a placement test. It really ticked me off. I guess "welcome to the internet" though. :p

I "studied" for my accuplacer because it's been 10 years since I've been in school and I needed a refresher in some math formulas and wanted to familiarize myself with the format. But I didn't stress that much, I placed out of all remedial classes. I actually placed for higher classes but my advisor placed me in regular classes so I can ace those and beef up my GPA.

what I'm stressed out about now? PAX RN. I have to take it in November and my community college nursing program is super competitive and I never took physics!