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I have been a psych nurse for 37 years and licensed in four states with an unblemished record and serveral commendations and awards. In May, I was called into my supervisor's office where the head phamacist showed me three months worth of overrides for a controlled substance that were not prescribed for any patients. I was given a urine test (results were negative) and sent home on suspension without pay. The paper trail leads to me as there was never the same person working with me when the drugs were missing. Anyone can see what unit I am working on any given day and look up my user id. Since I am giving meds to 23 patients, I have a simple password. Additionally, anyone can by pass the front desk by using another access from the main hospital to the pavilion where I work, use their key, enter med room and do an override. It took the phamacy three months to bring this to my attention and reported me to the CNO. I am going to be fired and probably reported to the board of nursing. I am not nor ever been an impaired nurse. I have reported techs for improper treatment of patients and made enemies. I have the union involved but they don't seem to be helping. Can anyone help me with any suggestions?

Get a lawyer. Yesterday.

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I would start with reviewing the overrides to see if any occurred on days or at times when you weren't working. Demand the review and demand that they correlate times/dates with others working on your unit as well. Someone may have been able to look up your username, but not your password. The person had to have seen you enter it.

I would continue working with the union, but if you can possibly afford it, get your own attorney.

This is one reason that i like our pyxis system ... it uses fingerprints. I just have to be real careful to log off everytime I leave the pyxis, no exceptions.

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You didn't say if the meds were signed out on your user ID.

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I am so sorry that you are having to go through this and it sounds like you do need to seek legal advise, you say you have your union involved which also sounds very wise.

It would be really difficult to speculate or to give any other advice and the members at allnurses are not able to offer legal advice.

Good luck

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