still in H.S. but would luv if you could give me advice before i enter nursing school


Hello everyone, i made this thread so i could get some extra info about nursing that i couldnt get with my research.

Im currently still in H.S.,im a junior to be specific so i still have one more year of high school before going to nursing school.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go ahead and get qualified for my cna before actually going to college to get my lpn?I heard it was very useful(and gross :chuckle )...And if so how should i go about doing that? Are there programs that certain healthcare facilities offer to become one? If there are were exactly could i go to get one?

I was also wondering what kind of classes offered in high school might be useful to me thaqt i can take my senior year......

I would really appreciate the thanks alot:)

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Yes, it's a good idea to get your CNA before starting a nursing program.

The best thing for you to do is contact the college's of your choice and find out what requirements are used for their nursing program's. They would be the best one's to answer your particular needs. Also ask them about their CNA classes.

If your high school has some kind of articulation agreement with a particular college, it would be a good idea to take classes that might be offered & credited such as: medical terminology, nutrition, CNA, biology, chemistry, foreign language etc.

Talk to your high school & college councelor's, Good luck :)


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I think doing a CNA would be a good idea since you still have a lot of time ahead of you. Are you planning to get a BSN at a 4-yr or a 2yr?

Some schools require you to have a CNA, others it will just look good for.

Also it will get you some great $$$$!!! It usually pays around $7-10 an hour.

I haven't done it because I didn't decide to do nursing until last summer and I am planning to start in spring and once you get through your first semester of nursing school you can work as a CNA without the CNA class because one semester of nursing school you learn all you need to know to be a CNA and more.

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Yes, good idea! Good luck to you. :)

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Looking back at my HS career I am glad that I took:upper level math, Latin (really helps with med terms), Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and Organic and Inorganic Chem....In college i'm glad that I took the CNA course and I also took biopsychology (which was required for my BA) biopsych is all about the brain, neurons, the CNS and PNS, etc it has been so helpful in AP2! Good luck, also its a great idea to talk to your counselor!!

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