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I currently work in the CVICU and am looking into getting a new stethoscope I have the cardiology 3 I believe the tubing is starting to wear down. I am applying to crna school this year. My question is in the OR do you use your own stethoscope or do you use one they provide to you? I just don’t want to spend my money on something super nice if I won’t use it in crna school or as a crna.

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Not a CRNA, but if you have a Littman then it may still be under warranty! My Littman 3 had a 5 year warranty and I got the tubing replaced twice for free! Just had to pay to ship it to them, which is nothing compared to the cost of new stethoscope. Check the serial number engraved on the bell part. And even if it’s out of the warranty window, I think they give you a discount if you want to replace the tubing (not sure if this is true though).

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You do not need to buy an expensive stethescope to work in the OR. They provide us with a basic scope in all the rooms and that's all one needs.


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Some of those stethoscopes in the OR are the cheap isolation ones that hardly work. Buy your own, but you don't need to buy an expensive one. Get one that costs 50 bucks or so. And not all ORs have stethoscopes.


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To be honest I rarely ever use a stethoscope as a CRNA. Don't spend hundreds on one...

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I know I'm late to the game, but you could probably just buy replacement tubing...