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What kind of stethoscope do you have? I have a Littman Classic II, but I was contemplating getting a pediatric one. But, is it really necessary? Are the pediatric ones really that much better in the peds population? I work with age groups preK-grade 5, although I can be on call for any school in our district at any given time (so I do occasionally see MS and HS kids).


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I have a pedi one but I don't think it's a necessity.

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I've only worked pediatrics over the years and still work prn in a pediatric urgent care clinic that is staffed by a different provider every shift. Most pediatricians and pediatric NPs use a regular size stethoscope. I've seen some neonatologists and pediatric cardiologists use the pedi size head but that's about it. I use the Littmann Classic II.

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Some of my 5th graders are bigger than some of the teachers . . .I think if you get a pedi stethoscope you'll be very limited in who you can use it on.

I have an MDF Acoustica dual head and it's done great for me! At my last job I converted a few away from Littmanns, haha.


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I have an Ultrascope (regular sized). Sounds are great and you can pick from really great designs and colors!