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I am just about finished with nursing school (yippie) and I think it's time I buy myself a Good job gift! I went through nursing school with the Littmann light weight stethoscope. It was fine at the time but I noticed at times I struggled to hear, and would hear my own fingers quiet a bit. I am now looking at the cardiology lV and the classic lll. I am not sure where I want to be yet I have debated ER and oncology. I need help choosing which stethoscope may be a better fit. Has anyone had experience with both that can give any feedback?? Any advise would be helpful thanks =]

Get a decent stethoscope, one with very good acoustics, and do not lend it to anyone. Have your name etched all over it.


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i've got a cardiology iii

works really well, and told by others this one can last a long long time

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Started out with a lightweight classic ii and it was ok but I noticed I just couldn't hear certain things. Just recently upgraded to the cardiology iii and love it. It seems like there is nothing I can't hear with it. It was well worth the money.

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In addition to the Littmann, I also suggest you look into the Ultrascope or its more affordably-priced spawn called the Maxiscope. Both produce excellent sound.


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Hi! congratulation on almost finishing Nursing school!!

I am currently getting all my supplies for nursing school and I bought myself the Littmann cardiology iv ( I want to be able to understand what i hear clearly if that makes sense) and I love it and I am sure i made the right decision! good luck on your endeavors

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Congratulations first of all! I have not used a cardiology one but I have had a Littman Lightweight and recently purchased and keep it around my neck at all times a Classic II and LOVE IT. I can hear SO much better than through the lightweight. If you can, see if you can find a uniform store and go in and listen. We have some in my area that allows it and just cleans the ear things with alcohol swabs.

Best of luck.