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  1. GE90

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    administering urokinase into chest drain or putting catheters in
  2. Recently moved to a new facility to look after kiddos with tracheostomy on long-term ventilation. I'm quite amazed to see that most of the nurses here would suction the child every 2hours even when there's absolutely no increased WOB, nil decreased AE, nil changes in TV/vital signs or Sats. They'd also do chest percussion literally at least 2-3 times a shift even when there's absolutely no indications for it and said frequent chest physio helps reduced VAP? (But to be fair I did witness this one time where the child had extremely minimal secretions overnight and at the end of the shift the nurse did one chest percussion and got large amount of thick secretions). Coming from PICU I always thought that chest percussion should not be something you do simply because you could as there are risks associated with it. I'm just wondering whether there's any evidence behind frequent suctioning and chest percussion when there's no or minimal indications for it? Or if this is common practice for patients needing prolonged mechanical ventilation?
  3. Been browsing on reddit and was quite surprised to find out that apparently in the US, nurses need a doctor to put in an "order" for literally everything they do, from taking vital signs to checking BSL, from requesting diets to measuring UO, from changing a wound dressing to giving medications, from weaning ventilation to titrating inotropes, from adjusting sedation to turning a patient. I'm hoping if someone can tell me whether this is true and if so, does this system actually help improve patient safety?
  4. Hey guys, icu nurse here, I'm quite new to inotropes and its administration and have just been wondering what should you do if your patient is receiving high dose pressor which they are very sensitive to and the pressure is building up within the central line?
  5. GE90

    Any Tips For Assessment of Wiggly Kids?

    if you don't mind me asking, is this a normal policy for american hospitals to do full assessment on every patient regardless of their conditions and acuities?
  6. GE90

    Stethoscope help!

    i've got a cardiology iii works really well, and told by others this one can last a long long time
  7. GE90

    No Excuse for Mistake....

    so the only detail we have is that a 4month old having a cough and his mom wanted him to have a cxr? such good parenting and i wonder if she indeed has worked in the "nursing field".
  8. GE90


    i normally just call them if i have concerns or need something maybe a change in vs which i could not figure out why, that doesnt necessarily mean something bad is gonna happen, but i like to notify them just in case. or if i need them to do some charting. and for orders, that depends on which doc is on today, if it's the one that i know well i'll just put put in the order myself using their names in my country we don't need to notify them with lab results
  9. GE90

    Typical peds ratio

    gen peds floor 1:4 day, 1-4/5 pm, 1-6 night depends on the acuity, sometimes we have 1:1
  10. GE90

    Is customer service getting too far?

    and you go in, ask them what they want, once they are done talking about their crap, you tell them how many minutes they've wasted you and ask them to get the **** out of the hospital, go see a private specialist if they are expecting 5-star hotel kinda service but cleverly point out that they are nothing but a bunch of broke, whining suckers and you wonder if they have the finical resource to pay for private service.
  11. GE90

    want to join MSF, what's the best way?

    hi thx for the reply. I've read the requirements extensively. work exp, from one of the most needed specialties, language, availability.... The minimum exp required is 2 years, not 3, maybe it's a bit different it in australia... They also did not specifically mentioned what the min management exp would be but i'm wondering, does mentoring nursing students and other new grads counted as part of it?
  12. GE90

    Made mistakes

  13. GE90

    ED vs ICU

    peds nurse on general peds coming in with popcorn expecting to watch a mma level kinda fight of "ED - the adrenaline junkiess vs ICU - the i'm an icu nurse and i know tons more than you"
  14. in my experience only those "think i know it-all but in fact you don't know ****" kinda nurse would walk around telling others how people told them they were too smart to be a nurse..
  15. GE90

    Made mistakes

    i think needing to go right next to a pt to check on the computer is utterly stupid and ridiculous
  16. GE90

    Applying for a hong kong license..

    first thing first...can you speak fluent cantonese? if not then...well....

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