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  1. What is your "favorite" procedure?

    administering urokinase into chest drain or putting catheters in
  2. Recently moved to a new facility to look after kiddos with tracheostomy on long-term ventilation. I'm quite amazed to see that most of the nurses here would suction the child every 2hours even when there's absolutely no increased WOB, nil decreased A...
  3. Been browsing on reddit and was quite surprised to find out that apparently in the US, nurses need a doctor to put in an "order" for literally everything they do, from taking vital signs to checking BSL, from requesting diets to measuring UO, from ch...
  4. Hey guys, icu nurse here, I'm quite new to inotropes and its administration and have just been wondering what should you do if your patient is receiving high dose pressor which they are very sensitive to and the pressure is building up within the cen...
  5. Thx so much! :) Think I'll definitely try to get some experience in long-term ventilation then :)
  6. I see, well that's encouraging! I feel more comfortable taking up this new advantage then! :)
  7. Such as looking after someone with severe infection, difficult to ventilate, electrolyte imbalance, managing an EVD, chest drains, neuroprotection, icp monitor, invasive hemo monitor, inotropes, major post-op...
  8. thats awesome! I'm actually planning on doing a MPH as well! (plus tropical medicine), may i ask how much peds icu experience has she had?
  9. thx for the insight, need to rethink whether the unit's worth joining..
  10. Doctors without Borders. They require applicants with a minimum of 3 years experience working a any of the following specialities (eg. peds/icu/er/or/surigcal/infectious disease/tropical/neonatal and so on..) The unit is actually in another country ...
  11. Medicines sans Frontiers, or Doctors without Borders
  12. Recently received an offer to work at the long-term ventilation unit, the pay is amazing with lots of benefits but I'm a bit worried that work experience on such unit isn't really gonna help with my application for MSF (hopefully in 2 years)... Does ...
  13. I've been working in Peds for 2 years and 7months ago I moved to work in the PICU. Last night the patient of another nurse, a 11yr kid who came in with MVA and severe TBI 2weeks ago who was I+V and on filter and had his bp dropped continuously to the...
  14. How does everyone deal with irritated family members

    get the doc to talk to them
  15. paediatric, definitely paediatric.... can't stand all the whining adults who think the world owes them everything and we are responsible for cleaning up all their messes from their doggy lifestyle...(not saying you don't have parents like that in pae...