Sterile fields...ugh!!! Tips and pointers?

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I have sterile procedure check off on Monday and I really stink at it!! Ugh. I either reach over and break the sterile field, or can't get the gloves on without breaking the sterile technique. Sigh. We don't know what we'll be checking off on yet, either a male cath, female cath, CVAD transparent dressing change or CVAD gauze dressing change.

Does anyone have any tips or pointers that helped them through this?

Practice, Practice, Practice...if you miss a finger on the glove just keep going, you can do most proceedures without one finger, or adjust your gloves once you have them both on and you can touch them. Good Luck, I know you can do it!

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Thanks!! I'm going to be practicing all weekend (with small computer breaks) lol.

What worked for me was not getting over confident to the point that I wasn't being careful. I basically pretended everything in front of me was contaminated with some sort of bio-hazardous material and was SUPER careful when making any kind of movement. Good luck.

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Yep, practice is the only way. Good luck today!

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practice..and take your time. Don't rush through it.

Make sure you have an accurate instructional resource available to use outside of class. I passed my sterile field check off--barely! I think it was due to the fact that I had two resources for referencing outside of class that were inaccurate--So I had three variations to work with and I can't bring my instructor home with me.

AND before you use this resource, check and double check with your instructors to make sure they approve.

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I agree with everyone who said PRACTICE! Also check youtube or any other resources you may have to watch videos.

I had my sterile gloving & catheter insertion check off today. I actually struggled a little bit opening the paper piece to set all of my things on, but was able to tell my instructor that I knew I was only supposed to touch the shiny side. For some reason that darn thing would just not open. Since I told her, she let me continue with my proficiency and I did well :) Sometimes instructors aren't expecting you to be perfect, just that you know when you aren't! Mine even tells us that when we do it in real life, that she has students bring an extra catheter kit and sterile gloves, just in case!

I'm sure you'll do fine :)

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