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Pop math quiz?!?!?!?

I got all my books from Barnes and Noble and bought a membership card...I saved what I spent on the card after buying just one book. It's so worth it. I did the side by side comparison of the 2 places last year :-)


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Yes! Pop math quiz.. I got 2 wrong out of the 6 ): But a lot of people around me did a lot worse..

There are some of the books with years/editions that I can't find at all on either website..

I liked that we got to try on and order our uniforms-- I remember reading on here that everyone had trouble/annoyances getting them the last few weeks of the summer.

Also, I'm on facebook, anyone PM me if you want!


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Wow we didn't have a pop math quiz last year or get to try on uniforms! I got all of my books for about $500, mostly from the publishers but also - all with free shipping. I know that it was like $1000 through the bookstore. If they told you to buy DVD, I would recommend passing on them (my personal opinion) the same stuff is on utube and come with the online tools with the website to the book. (if you have more than one book to buy, you can call the number on their website and they will build a package for you that you saving you even more)

with coupon codes from


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Thanks for all those sites!

Does anyone know if we are required to buy an Ultrascope stethescope, or is that just the kind they have available for us at the bookstore?


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You can buy any kind of stethoscope.


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Whew!! What a day!! But I am super psyched to start!

Yes, we got to try on uniforms! I was relieved for that.

It was a bit overwhelming but thank God for that checkilist!! And what was up with that pop math quiz??? I guess it worked because it was a real eye opener for me. I only got 2 right! Wonder why they needed to collect them though if it doesn't count for anything?

I am excited for the PDA grant. How awesome would that be. I am so glad I didn't buy one yet. I hope they call us and tell us that SCC got the grant!

Anyone know where to get info on the cpr classes this summer. I looked on the website and found nothing!


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LOL not to have two conversations going on at once with you.. but, I messaged you the CPR info on Facebook.

I think she said they were collecting them so they could see who might need some help.

I am half-excited for the PDA grant, because I already have an IPod Touch and can access all those programs from that.. if I have to get a PDA/Smartphone thats just one more thing I have to carry around with me..


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bananimal, LOL 2 conversation. We'll have to chat on FB IM, much easier than going back and forth between FB and here!!

I know what your saying with the carring around of stuff. I almost went out and cought the IPOD touch myself.

You know what I wanted to ask? they didn't talk about what we should wear when. Do we just wear scrubs to clinical or all the time or just clinical and lab but not class???

I am looking at books online. Do any of you recommend buying used or should we go all new?

Thanks for the link!


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Now I have a pounding headache.....must go to bed...


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Hello! Let me see, I'll try to answer everything I can think of

  • You wear scrrubs to clinical, lab coats to lab and regular clothes to class.
  • They were trying to get the PDA grant for our class too but it didnt end up happening.
  • For those with PDA's I think most of us that have them would suggest to buy the tabers medical dictionary, lab and diagnostic tests, and RN drug guide for the pda instead of the book form.
  • I don't think it matters if you go with new or used books as long as it has the cd and online accesss codes.
  • My guess on the math quiz was that they wanted you guys to see for yourselves what your math skills were and study over the summer PLUS then they know if they need to offer you extra help. The math was a big problem for our class ( we are the first class to use the online med calc class) I think they are finding out that many people are learning next to nothing in the class. Each exam has 5 math questions on it (out of 75) and some people have gotten them wrong on all the tests. If you got 2 correct out of 5, I suggest to try and practice over the summer. It will save you the headache of learning it in the fall and if you get it, that will be % freebie questions you can count on for each exam.

I never took the time to learn the right way to do the math, I always just used my algebra skills to figure it out and only got 1 problem wrong in 102 and 202 UNTIL the final in 202....I got all five math problems wrong. It was a bummer because I got an 86 on the final so if I had gotten the math I would have had a 91 - which would have been soooo nice. Needless to say, I got a medcalc book and promised myself I would learn the math this summer!

Hmm...I wonder now how I did on my math for the final. I was confused when first doing them, I kept on thinking the tubing drop factor was 10 gtt/min, not 10 gtt/ml. But eventually figured out where my mistake was. I hadn't looked at how to calculate drip rate since we had the lab.

I can see why they decided to do a math quiz. On our first exam, I think a lot of us didn't know what conversions we should memorize and didn't even bother since it was only 5 questions. But after the majority of us didn't know the conversion of ounces to milliliters, we actually looked over our conversions! So having that quiz I'm sure gives you the idea that you need to know your conversions for nursing school and what to expect.


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Is anyone else finding it difficult to find all the textbooks on the list online? I was able to find about half of them, but am having trouble with the others.

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