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hey guys,

at what point do you stay home from lecture? i am sick but could probably handle going-the only thing is that i have been nauseous and barfing. so, i could probably make it, but feel like staying home (dont want to puke in the public bathroom)? of course, i feel like a guilty little kid! LOL!



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Unless they do a role call and take attendance at lecture, I wouldn't worry about it. It is not worth you having to get up in the middle of lecture to run to the rest room to barf and to be honest with you, I get really sick and tired of infected people that come to class and work, obviously very sick, when they should be home and then they infect everyone else.

Do yourself and those around you a favor and stay home.

I think the more important question is when do you stay home from Clinical? That's tough because at my school you can only miss one and you still have to make it up at the end of the semester, but you don't want to go in and infect your patients with something nasty. Is it best to contact your instructor and ask them their opinion?


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Nursing classes for me are 2-3 hours/week/class...I think you can miss either one or two and that's it. You could always take a bucket, fill it with a little water and sit in the back closest to the door. I am deathly afraid of getting sick on clinical day.

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I had this dilemma last week. I had a fever of 101.5--it was a bit lower the next morning, but I went to school.

If I had been vomiting, I probably would not have gone unless I had lab or clinical. You can always get the notes from someone (or print out the power point slides, like we do at our school).


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I was thinking about buying a tape recorder for this purpose. If you had one you could show up long enough to drop it off with another student, and ask them to tape the lecture for you.


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The only day of school I've missed so far this semester is the day my sister had her baby, and the day my mother-in-law had a stroke... BTW: Little girl, Lauren Elizabeth...cutest baby in the I'm a littled biased.

But..I'm in vo-tech school doing my LPN, we are only allowed to miss so many hours in a semester. Unfortunately, the two days I missed were lecture days (we are only in class Monday and Tuesday, clinicals on W-F) I went into a pharmacology exam with only my notes copied from a friend, and a few hours with her going over math...did just fine...BUT!!

Here's my point, story..whatever.. Last semester, a girl with way too many pointless missed hours was sick with some sort of stomach problem. She came to school, looked like he** and had to keep getting up and going to the bathroom. We only have 1 door in there, and thats the front. It was horrible having to stop lecture every time she came in and out. She'd open the door to come in..fell sick again, and slam the door, you could hear her running down the hall to get to the bathroom.

Use your absentee hours wisely! =0) last semester I took a Friday off cause I booked a cruise that left on a Friday..but I did take my A&P book on the cruise...not that it was used..but hey!



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Not to mention if your coughing alot.. its annoying to have to ask the prof. to repeat himself bc someone coughs up phlem every 2 seconds.

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