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Hey Everyone,

I need some advice from the "elders" in nursing. I am a new grad, and absolutely love what I do. However, when unexpected events happen with my patients such as CP or sudden SOB I get wound up. I know what needs to be done, but my mind races at 100 miles an hour. The other day a patient who was 3 weeks post-MI complained of squeezing/crushing CP radiating across the chest and up the neck and down the left arm. I got NTG, oxygen, an EKG, the doc, MS, and the charge nurse. Halfway through our treatment, my NM who came in the room, took me aside and told me I was doing everything right just take a deep breath and calm down.

Will these feelings settle as I get more experienced? I guess I just worry I might miss something important and harm someone.

Thanks for listening y'all



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Ben, sounds to me like you did just fine. As a new grad, of course you are scared. You said it yourself - you worry that you "might miss something important and harm someone." Now, if you didn't feel that way, I'd be worried. Your NM recognized what was happening and gave you good advice. Hang in there - you are doing great :)

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i agree with weetzie woman.

you did everything that an experienced nurse would have, except that you're a new grad.

i think you should be giving yourself a much deserved pat on the back.

give time a chance.

this will be very familiar to you in no time.

and yes, it's perfectly normal to experience the anxieties that you have.

but you did great.

kudos to you.



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If your adrenalin hadn't kicked in, we'd be worrying about you. :) It gets better the more familiar you are with it.

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You NM gave good advice, don't forget to breathe. LOL It doesn't do the patients any good to freak out.

But I can relate very well. The first few emergencies I've had, my heart just races and I get nervous. Now I'm so much more calmer, so I think that with experience it does get better. But it doesn't quite go away, which is a good thing. I need just a tiny bit of that andrealine to keep me focused.

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