Stay Phils or go back to the US?


Hello Everyone.

I am currently studying here in the Philippines getting my pre-req and now I am contemplating what to do.I am away from my husband we are based in Guam and now my husband is there working and I am here in the Philippines to get my Nursing degree.I just want to finish my studies here because theres a lot of student and waiting list is ridiculous in Guam.Plus education here in the Phils is cheaper as we all know.

My question is ,Is it Okay for me to finish my 1st -2nd year here and just apply LVNin the US? We are from Florida we just based in Guam for 4 yrs and we still have 2 more years till 2014 to finish my husband's contract eventually we are going to move back to florida.

Is there any one here who studied abroad or here in the Philippines and just finish 2 yrs or associate degree . Can I just apply a LVN or LPN license and transfer my grades from my school here? I am wondering If I can do that. Its just hard to explain what I am feeling right now being away from my husband is really hard too plus I read a lot of things from other BSN grad from here that theyare having a hard time finding a job or getting a ATT or authorization to take the exam for NCLEX in CALIFONIA.

I am just scared that Im gonna waste my time ,money and being away for my husband I f I continue my studies over here Im on my 1st year now and wants to finish atleast 2 yrs in NURSING so I can transfer most of the classes I took here and just continue my studies in Florida or APPLY a LVN/LPN license?

Please anyone help me If you have encountered someone who did this route?

again 2yrs in nurisng degree suppsoedly 4yrs will just finish 2yrs or associate degree then plan to have my grades evaluate to any evaluation office in US. AND CAN I just a license or take a state board exam(NCLEx)? pls help.

I appreciate your help! :)

Have a good one everyone!!!!!

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I don't think that 2 years of an RN program will make you an LVN.


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Hi, I haven't been in your situation or know of anyone who has, but maybe you can clarify a few things?

-- Do you plan to work and practice in FL or CA? You mentioned you're going back to FL, but you're wanting to find a job, get yout ATT or take the NCLEX in CA, which it is?

-- Did you just want to become an LVN/LPN only? No interest in furthering your nursing educational to a BSN level to be an RN?

If you're planning to get your LPN license in FL but want to transfer your PH courses, you should get in contact with your desired FL college to see if any of them allows for your courses to be recognized.

If you plan to get your LVN license in CA, remember that the CA LVN license is not recognized outside of CA itself is what I think.


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It's not likely that any courses that you take in nursing in RP (Republic of Philippines) will be accepted into any college, I might be wrong, but I don't think so.

However if your RP college is a respected one most, if not all of your undergradute non-core nursing classes may well be accepted, particularily if you contact a school here in America before you take the courses in RP with intent of then moving to CA and taking the last two years of a 4 year BSN.

Nursing education in RP is a travesty. This may sound mean, but I'm not sure that any of the RP taught nurses who frequent will disagree, and there are many here. This being said there are many very high quality schools that do an excellent job and turn out highly qualified nurses who have no trouble passing the NCLEX. But well over 50% of graduates NEVER pass the NCLEX. This is for a variety of reasons, mostly economic.

Life in RP is difficult, extremely difficult and many families will turn to schools that offer nursing degrees with high hopes and expectations but many schools will not have the quality teachers or the access to a hospital to actually teach to their students what they need. This shows up in statistics of how many graduated students never manage to pass the NCLEX and the rate of failure is nothing short of abyssmal.

For many getting any practical experience is difficult or impossible. In RP it is common to have to pay to work at a hospital for a period of time.

So why not consider doing two years of non-nursing classes and then jump into a BSN program in the US and do your core nursing classes and clinicals here?

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If you want to work in the US why don't you go to school in the US?


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She stated the answer to your question.

Thanks for your advice I'm still debating on what to do:(I might come back to US to continue my pre-req or stay here in PI coz its way cheaper to do it here:(Thank you for ur help!!!God Bless!!

Thanks I'm not sure either :) but I'm pretty sure that I need more classes :(Thanks for ur advise :)

@ Steppybay Thanks for your response.I would like to be an RN to pursue BSN if I have a chance thinking f getti all my pre req out here I PH to save money :$Yeah I have to think about this I have to clear my mind and decide whether I have to continue here in PH my four yrs or just move back to the states after two years.I'm actually thinking of quitting school now after the diary semester and just do it in the states or do LPN or LVN but that wil lost me 30,000 that's not a joke:(Here in PH it's so cheap!!!Thank you for your suggestions and response again thanks!!!Have a good one!


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There are recent 2012 PH graduates who have applied into CA in the past couple of months here, let's see if they can pass thru the CA BON requirements, the students reported that they are or feel they are in full compliance with the old concurrency rules, as they do their clinicals and theory sections together in the same semester. If they do get their ATT, then, you should be "safe" for getting your PH degree.

Yea, I hear you about the $$$$ for attending a LPN or LVN school, but those are the more private and somewhat easier to get into, thus the more expensive cost. The local community colleges are only a few thousands or half the cost or lower than the private ones, but the downside it's very competitive to get in, due to the popularity and cheaper cost.

Although, it's hard to say what's going to happen in the future as more and more USA nursing grads are going to be more favorable or preferred in the new hiring process, as the USA students have the clear advantage over most out of state applicants as well as any international applicants? Why? Most hospitals (if that's your desired place to work) hire now from within or with those students that did their clinical work or did some volunteer work in that same hospital(s) you may want to work in.

Remember as of now and I think in the next decade there will still be NO nursing shortage, but rather if there is, it's for more experienced ones. But guess what? So as a new grad nurse with no experience, if most USA students takes those jobs, most foreign nurses/students will have to settle for the other medical facilities, if that's your job goal to remain in the nursing field. Again, I'm not knocking down the nursing homes, LTC, SNF's, etc, but I don't want to work in the adult nursing, but for myself and many of my PH friends, we prefer the pediatrics units.

As it stands now, CA has a near 50% unemployment rate of their own nursing new grad and I think that's likely to grow this year as my USA nursing friends are telling me of several hospitals have already reduced their new grad hires due to overstaffed, budget cuts or just moved the new grad program into next year. One can glance over in the CA nursing forum here and you'll see where hundreds if not a thousand or more applicants are going after 1% of the open jobs.

We don't see any more international job success stories here any more, wonder why that is?