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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to help me out! Heres the deal.. I'm currently in school in CA and graduating this december. I have a position lined up with the Air Force after graduating and would like to leave asap for that, the only problem is the CA BRN is VERY backlogged and I may not get my ATT for months. Since I can be licensed in any state, does anyone have any input on how fast other states are at processing applications and issuing ATT's? Any info on any other states would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to figure out what state I should apply to! :)

scaredsilly, BSN, RN

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It took me two days to get my ATT in Colorado and there were test dates available at the end of the same month. CO also participates in quick results, so you get your results in 48 hours and your license shows up within the week.

Two days after submitting your application and fingerprints?? Thats incredible!


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Just make sure whatever State you plan to take your exam recognizes your nursing school and you have all the required coursework, CEUs, etc for licensing by them (btw, it's NOT the often-mistakenly-called State Boards, it's a national licensing exam, fwiw).

Good luck!