Starting Pre-Reqs tomorrow.....nervous!


Hi! I am taking my very first class tomorrow and I am so excited and nervous at the same's only a math class.......but I haven't been in school for 5 years. :scrying:

This semester I am taking a CNA class and also the math. I am crossing my fingers to get into the January 2010 nursing class.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and maybe meet some other people who are just starting out. :wink2:



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Don't be nurvous, you'll do great!! I just started my pre reqs also after 10 yrs of being out of school. It is a little weird getting back into school after so long.

Good Luck


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Welcome Angela! I too am just starting my pre-reqs..and hope to be in school this fall! I graduated from college in it's a little strange to be back in school..but great at the same time.

Don't worry..just remember what your goal is..stay focused..and do the best you can! Good luck!


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Thanks so much!

Only a few hours until my class......I'm really excited! :D

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angela, enjoy your pre-reqs, learn as much as you can, but enjoy it!!! because when the real thing start, it all changes!

ap&micro are easy A's compared to fundam.&pharm.

so... take it easy, relax, get started on setting a study pattern, and just enjoy the flow! you'll have so much fun, when you get to a&p you will love it!

i hate when people say that is the worse class!

it is by far the most interesting, and the most chalenging, but it is not the worse...

worse class, is when it is so boring that you can't stand it sigh* psyco...


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Good luck! I'm sure you will do great!


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I start my pre-requisites next Monday. Registered for my classes today.

I'm hoping to get all A's in those classes. So pray for me.


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Well it went great! I am so excited to have finally started. The only downside is I learned I had to buy a 140 dollar calculator......:bluecry1:

Thank god for student loans!! LOL

Thanks for the support everyone! And for the others in my boat, we are going to do awesome! I know it. :wink2:

I am soooo looking forward to Anatomy. I found it really interesting in high school. Probably will do it in the fall. This summer I am taking Biology and Chemistry. Ahhhhhhh......:chuckle

Anyway, thanks everyone!!


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A&P is definitely interesting! I started it last week. A LOT of information..but if you find it definitely helps!

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