Starting nursing school in fall 2009...what do I do until then?

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Does anyone have any good tips for how I should be preparing for a 2 year nursing program that begins this fall? Should I read ahead in my nursing books... or are there any A&P things I should catch up on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Catching up on A + P is good. Mainly, prepare your entire life for this, cause its going to change you. I don't know if you work or anything, but be prepared to potentially quit/cut your hours in order to focus on school. I've had a couple friends who had to do that because they were failing tests, too much stress.

Find those really good things that reduce stress for you in particular as well. Be prepared to set aside a lot of study time.

And congratulations on getting into nursing school. =) I just graduated in May 09, took my NCLEX yesterday so... yeah. I know what you'll be going through. Oh, something else that's pretty cool... even if you're going into a class where you know no one... you'll make some good friends in your nursing class. Especially during clinicals. Make friends, do study groups. It helps. A lot. I'm pretty antisocial myself, but even having that one friend out of 30+ people helps get you through.



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That's a ways off for me, but I wrote myself a note with some things to do to prepare from another thread on the boards here. Here's what I have:

Start reading whatever Fundamentals of Nursing book your school uses. (If you already have a syllabus, go through it to see where they start - it may not be chapter 1.)

Brush up on your skills for writing papers - how to do references, footnotes, etc. Apparently, in our school there is one due every semester. In the 40-50 page range!

I know from my friend just finishing acids/alkaline are important to know, as is all the math conversions. I've also read that some of the more difficult topics are you'll study are on cardiac, fluids, electrolytes, and CVA's - my note says 2nd semester, but if you're looking for a challenge, there you go.

My friend also said that most nursing programs have you read Florence Nightingales book "Notes on Nursing" and write a paper on it - what it means to you. I don't think it's a long book or difficult read - and it might help keep you motivated, even if you never have to do a paper on it.

Good luck!! Hope to be in your shoes next year!

And congrats Inarya - 2 of my friends took the NCLEX yesterday too - they're stalking the state website waiting for results! And are basket cases - you seem to be handling it well!!



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Congratulations on getting accepted I too have been accepted to nursing program in MD what I seem to have done was purchase some books and trying to start reading. Have not fully worked yet (LOL). But I started a fundamentals of nursing book. The best thing is to learn the key terms in each section to better understand some things. I am trying to find a study habit that works. So good luck in finding out what works for you.

read fundamentals of nursing.

clean the house.

put the bills on auto billpay

wear your new clinic shoes around the house to break them in.

get haircut.

get any medical appts out of the way:dentist, mammograms, paps, etc.

writing skills: apa format is what's usually used.

practice dosage calculations

stock freezer with quick heat meals.


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Good advice!


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Yes, try to find time to study ahead! That will maket he stressful beginning a little less stressful.


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Thats a nice format starting early. I am trying that so far not so good. Its difficult to get out of the habit of studying to jump into the habit of studying so good luck with that. Cause believe me you we gonna need it

I too am starting this fall! I can't wait! You all have given some good advice, thanks! :)


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Thanks for all of the replies everyone... I am definitely going to start reading my fundamentals book as well as brush up on my dosage calculations. And I actually have already been reading Notes on Nursing ... Also congrats to everyone who has either finished nursing school and/or been accepted.

THANKS EVERYONE!!!:redpinkhe


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A lot of my nursing school buddies told me not to read ANY nursing books before actually taking the courses. So you don't confuse yourself or misinterpret something in the book. I think refreshing with A&P, chem and math isn't a bad idea but I think I might hold off on reading any nursing books.


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A lot of my nursing school buddies told me not to read ANY nursing books before actually taking the courses. So you don't confuse yourself or misinterpret something in the book. I think refreshing with A&P, chem and math isn't a bad idea but I think I might hold off on reading any nursing books.

I'd beg to differ. My whole college career I have read in advance it has brought me nothing but A's. For, example I remember MAC1147 Trig/Pre-Cal-Algebra. It looked like as if the characters where in Chinese to me at first. Then, it looked like French to me. Finally, upon entering the class the subject started to appear in English to me, I always found myself being ahead of the class. Further, I was prepared with questions in advance.

In the past, I had found that if I waited to do what the professor said, usually that night doing the assignments I would have so many questions cause I would get stuck. Of course, late at nite one cannot call a professor for help. Then, the next class we were covering something new and I could not hold the class back by asking question of past assignments. However, when I studied in advance, the day of class I was so prepared even with all my doubts in hand. They were clarified in real time via the professor. There's nothing like asking or having something clarified in real time.

I don't take any credit for this. I owe it all to a Math Professor that suggested I become a Peer Tutor and she promised me I would be able to skip the Final. I use to be horrible in math. So the 1st day of peer tutoring it was a wake up call for me. For, I did not know how in the world I would explain to a student who is in my class what was going on. I was lost too! I just did not show it. My only solution was to study and read in advance. That has been my strategy to success.

With that said, I start NS in Jan 2010. Here's what I'm currently studying: Pharm, Physical Examinations, Fundamentals of Nursing, Nursing Math, Pathology, fluids & electrolytes, medical terminology, critical thinking, Micro and A&P. I have my nursing books in advance and my goal is to ace NS.

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