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Starting the Nursing Program next week, help!

by MelissaDawn77 MelissaDawn77 (New) New

I am starting the nursing program in a week and I am getting a little nervous. Does anyone have any tips they can give me to help out? I am very excited and eager to learn but I hear alot of comments like, good luck, you're gonna need it, and things like that. Please help.

NICUmiiki, DNP, NP

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You need motivation and organizational skills. A little luck wouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't go and buy a case of it.

No advice since I start next week too. Just wanted to jump up and down and scream with you! Tee hee! :D

I start next Monday, too. Our orientation is tomorrow and Wed. NERVOUS!

Good luck ! Stay organized and record lectures!!! Congrats !

Spika RN

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Careful with the recording I know my instructors would not let us unless we had a reason because of hippa, but good advice do not ask what and answer is ask where you can find it then a lot of times that is where the instructor is testing you from and you have an idea what they are looking at

I start this Wednesday! :eek:

Thanks guys! Good luck to all of you! We can do this!


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I actually attended my first day of nursing school yesterday! WOW!! Lots of work ahead! I went home, filled in my calendar with ALL the assignments, readings, projects, ATI stuff, etc...I also downloaded all the semesters paperwork from the instructors website - all the power points, articles etc...and will be printing everything out today. I think getting all that paperwork stuff organized in the beginning will not only help with time in the future but will help me to plan and not just live week by week on the fly. I have an exam Monday on 7 chapters (its an accelerated program), a calculation quiz and three ATI assignments due. I'm doing it all today which happens to be my day off of class.

Just plan your time out and be 100% dedicated to it. You got this!!! :)