Starting 2 New Jobs' Orientation at Same Time!?

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I am so grateful to have been offered two jobs (one part-time in LTC, one temp part-time in hospital) at the same time. My only issue is arranging orientation shifts for the upcoming month. Between finishing off my last two weeks at my previous job (gave them two weeks notice yesterday) and the orientation shifts for these two jobs, it could end up with me working almost the entire month straight with not a day off in between.

What should I do? Should I grit my teeth and just do it? Will my new workplaces be irritated with me for asking for some understanding of my situation?


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Yes, they will likely be irritated, unless you brought it up in the interview. A decent amount goes into coordinating orientation. To bail 2 weeks before for another job is not good form. I'd tough it out or choose one.


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The two weeks is notice for my current part-time gig at a retirement home. I am leaving it to start these two new part-time jobs. Both jobs are aware of each other :) I guess I just feel stressed about managing both of the two new part-time jobs' orientation days..once they're completed, I will feel better with the balance I hope!

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Can you give each job 3 days per week for your orientation?

Then you have one day off per week.

Or give each job 2 days per week.

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The problem with taking on two jobs is that the two employers are in no way obligated to work around each other. Even if each job knows the other exists, each job expects you to consider THEM your priority. One job doesn't have to accommodate the needs of the other...actually, all the accommodating is on your end.

So you have a choice.

If you want both jobs, then prepare for 30 straight days of work. It will be tough, but if you really want both positions, then the short-term sacrifice might be worth it.

Alternatively, you could try asking one or both jobs if they would be willing to reschedule/rearrange your orientation so you're not slammed. However, they are not obligated to do so.

Otherwise, pick the job you like/want/need more and let the second job go for now. As another poster had said, bailing two weeks before starting orientation isn't the best form. But IMO, it's better than bailing two days before or--even worse--during the orientation. If you do choose to let one job go, do it ASAP and leave on the best possible terms to reduce the chances of you getting marked as a Do Not Hire/Rehire. You could always reapply to them after you're settled in your first job.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

This is the problem of working two jobs. I have done it and know many others who do, but ultimately the employers don't care that you have more than one job. They want you available for their training, their meetings, their schedule. Usually one position ends up getting the raw end of the deal. I definitely experienced that. The other job encroaches on everything. If you want them both, push through the month and try not to get into this situation again. If you can't do that, let go of the one that isn't worth fighting for, and try not to get into this situation again (yes I sound like a broken record)!

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