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So I’m a SoFla RN who tested positive for THC on March 6th. As suggested by my current job, I self reported to IPN when I got results about a week later. By the end of that day I received my initial paperwork which needed to be filled out and a passport photo mailed in. I did all of this on Saturday. By Tuesday 3/17 I got my list of evaluators (THREE EVALUATORS in the State if Florida) and I scheduled an appointment for Next week Wednesday. This whole process has been giving me extreme anxiety and I’m just ready to see this doctor, get my recommendations, and get back to work. My job luckily hasn’t fired me (yet) and I’m currently on administrative leave with instruction to keep my manager updated on any information. I’m told the whole process takes about 30-60 days. So far it’s all been pretty quick. I’m nervous about the MD I chose as I’ve heard that Tampa evaluators usually send you to rehab!

in all honesty, initially with my case manager I lied and said that I was in a car where THC was being hotboxed. I haven’t told her the truth (I was pregnant in January and lost the baby beginning of February.. smoked about twice a week or so on my off days to help me cope. Honestly stopped in the beginning of March as I really felt like my life was getting back on track) but I do plan on telling the psychiatrist the truth of the situation. I’ll continue to keep you all posted on the process in hopes of helping any other RNs out there. Ant information or advice for me would be greatly appreciated.

Nooooooo, do not tell them the truth. Absolutely not. Honesty will be used against you at every turn. Never admit you used to cope with something.

Contact a lawyer immediately.

Yeah I told the truth. I said that I drank 3-4 times a week usually on off nights from work. I landed in inpatient then outpatient rehab for 6 months rehab. I have a friend who got pulled over for the exact same offense and lied threw her teeth combined with an emotional show and her case got closed. Anything you say will be used against you. These folks aren’t here to help you and the monitoring program could care less about you



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Thanks for the advice. Going for my evaluation this Wednesday! Nervous as *** as they say to expect a urine, blood, and possible hair follicle test! Yikes. I’m in no way a regular marijuana smoke but I know after my recent use that HFT is coming back positive. Detoxing now. Unfortunately with everything else going on, I can not afford a lawyer at this time. Just doing my best to stay out of rehab at this point. Will continue to keep this thread updated.


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Good luck. I am sure your nerves on high alert. Take a deep breath and you can get through this. I hope everything works out in your favor.