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Starting in the Fall...Biology ??


I am so excited to be starting my pre-reqs this fall of 09. I talked with the nursing advisor yesterday to set up my classes. If all goes well and I take the classes that she set up I could apply into the nursing program in the spring of 2011 and if I am accepted then I will start in the fall of 2011. I am a SAHM to 4 children and I can only take two classes a semester right now. So this fall I will be taking Math and since I have been out of school for 14 years we thought it would be better to take Intro to Biology then in the spring of 2010 I will jump into the real biology class since my mind will still be fresh. So my question is what could I be doing now to prepare myself with the intro to biology? She told me that the main biology class is hard. She said that it is a large class about 80 or so and by the time the semester is over 40 are left.

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I am taking BIO right now...I picked up "Biology for Dummies" and read that before class started....and would listen to podcasts on iTunes...there are lots of free lectures there!

Congratulations for getting started!

I am doing 2 classes at a time too....I am a SAHM with 2 kids...

Have a great day!

My class started with 24 about 5 weeks ago, there are 16 remaining. I can see why they pulled the Bio classes out of the nursing program and made them pre-reqs, that is what the advisor told me....they lose half of the class during Biology and/or A&P.

Thanks for your advice? What about any great websites for biology?

Hi check out this website....it's basic biology a little easy reading......


Thanks for the website. Do you think this website is in line with the intro to biology?


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Hi, I am a taking my pre-reqs for nursing also. I have been out of school for around 10 years and I am probably going to jump right into A & PI this fall:eek: which is scarey. I have heard that it is hard. I may have to take BIO 111 but I'm not sure because I took Biology in highschool and I am pretty sure I made great in there. anyway I found a website that may be helpful to you:


GOOD LUCK! and congratulations on going back to school, If you are like me, it is much more important to you now!:yeah:

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