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Starting CNA Classes tomorrow :)!!!!

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Hello everyone , I am really excited and brand new on a.n. Tomorrow I will be starting CNA classes and I am really excited,nervous and anxious because I feel this is a step towards my dreams in becoming a NP. I would like to know how was your first day at CNA class?was it anything that you were surprised about? Are there any funny stories or things that really grind your gears? Basically I am asking what was your first day like?

Wooo! Congratulations! I am just finishing up my LNA class :) It's been a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. It can definitely be frustrating. I also posted on the thread about CNA clinicals so you can read my advice there :) Be open to everything. Some stuff may squick you or rub you the wrong way, but just remember that it's all necessary. It may not be anyone's favorite to provide peri care or drain an ostomy, but it needs to be done and you need to make sure that your reaction does not embarrass the resident. The residents, staff and the procedures don't grind my gears in the slightest, but the thing that constantly made me roll my eyes was some of my fellow classmates lack of initiative. They'd rather hang out at the nurses desk the whole time during clinical than try to race me to answer a call light. You need to be confident in your skills and being able to deal with all kinds of people. Some are so happy to help you and love the company and some just want you to go away. Don't take it personally. I've found that the biggest difference between the classmates that aren't doing well and myself is that I did our workbook cover to cover. Did I read the textbook cover to cover? Heck no! But you search for the answers and it gets drilled in your head. Have fun!

Good luck! I find when I sit with the super attentive students in the front I push myself harder and learn more. When I took my CNA classes that was a huge help during the theory. I suggest keeping as busy as possible during clinical's and answer any and all call lights you can and try to make as great an impression as you can. This will aid you in finding a job. Not only are you more likely to get letters of recommendation from your instructor(s), but you could also potentially be hired by the facility you are doing your clinical's at. Smile, be friendly, and work hard and you'll do great! Good luck! :)

Thank you and good advice I am very excited

Definitely will sit in the front !!


Has 13 years experience.

Go in with an open mind and open ears. Take notes, pay attention. The class goes fast and there is a lot of info to absorb. I was surprised at the amount of older women in the class. (I'm referring to those over 50) It showed me it is never to late to get into healthcare. Other surprises were the many of the younger ones cheated. I don't know what the point of going to class is if you aren't there to really LEARN.

In in my opinion the classes need to focus more time on teaching the skills. We were over prepared book work wise, but clueless skill wise. When you take the class, constantly practice your skills at home.

All in all I didn't like the class, but love working in a hospital. You will be fine. Best of luck ;)

Hey there! Congratulations on your classes! I agree that it goes by SUPER fast! I started mine on the 19th of june and I have about 2 weeks left! :nailbiting: But it is SO much fun!

My very first day got off to a rough start, before my classes began I had to get a physical and 2 step ppd test, which I did, but my doctors office apparently didn't administer the test the way they were supposed to...My instructor said I may not be able to take the course, I was devastated! But her boss said it would be ok if I stayed, thank goodness! I wasn't to fond of my instructor at first, but I love her now! LOL!

Best of luck to you!!

Good luck! I hope you have fun in your CNA class. My class ended on the 11 of June. My words of advice is to study and practice practice practice on your skills part of your training! Other than that have fun!


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