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Started dream job

Tracy M Tracy M (New) New

Has 7 years experience.

I am a CNA who started a new job at a local hospital about 2 months ago. New shift(3pm-11pm), which is a huge shock to the system. New routine, the whole 9 yards, so to speak! And I love the job! Most nights, I am constantly going! And I like that! But by the time that the end of the week comes along, I am exhausted! How do I change that? Are there any tips that I can try? I will welcome any and all advice!:)

RNperdiem, RN

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Good nutrition, some physical fitness and making sleep a priority are good places to start.

There really is no quick fix, but you develop the stamina you need as you go along.

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

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Are you used to the day shift or night shift? What is your routine before you go into work?

I loved the change from days to afternoon. However, I was able to sleep until noon or so , maybe do light household chores before my shift. You need to make your work shift your priority and don't overdo it before you go in.

I found 3-11p shift the most exhausting. It was often a busy shift for admissions (I worked on an ortho floor) and staffing would come around a cut staff starting at 3pm and again at 7pm which left this busy time short staffed. I found it infuriating. I did however like that I got to sleep in :)

Tracy M

Has 7 years experience.

I also work the ortho unit! The med/surg unit! And it can get crazy busy up there!

I loved working evenings (3:30-12mn) when I was an aide and a younger nurse. Sleep in, arise without an alarm, do some house stuff, hit the cleaners or the library, hang out, catch some rays, maybe an early movie, and get home from work before it was really all that late. The early / middle part of the shift could be busy, but the end wound down nicely and I was generally not all wired when it was time to go home and go to bed. I agree, once you get into the rhythm and be sure to eat well, you'll be fine.