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should you starte off a cna..before a lpn please responed!!

by margueritef margueritef (New) New

Hi. Everyone

My question I been wanting to know is... I want to be a lpn, but everyone is telling me it best to starte as a cna, so I can get a feel of the nursing field. Now I'm wondering will being a cna help my support my family or lpn...now I love taking care of people don't get me wrong.. I just would like to get an opinion of people who are in the field. Please respond

Faeriewand, ASN, RN

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If you want to be an LPN then go for it. For my school it was required to be a CNA first but if your school doesn't require it then just start school. You will learn everything in the first semester that you need so don't worry. :) Doing something like CNA while you are on a waiting list is a good idea but if you don't have to wait then don't lose any time and get in school. The fast you are an LPN the faster you can earn those wages :D

crazycat0311, BSN, RN

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I say this..Go into the field and watch the nurses like a hawk to see if it's really what you want...It's not what its all cracked up to be. Not that I'm trying to discourage you, but it's way more involved than just taking care of people.


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You'll be a better nurse if you're a CNA first. It's embarrassing to be a nurse and the CNA's have to show you how to change a pt. It also helps you tremendously in clinicals, especially if you can be a CNA in the same place as you do the clinicals.

yes, be a cna first and while your going to lpn school.

I am in the exact situation and I agree with all the posters, become a CNA first. I did my nursing pre-reqs, was waitlisted and then enrolled in LPN school. I decided to take the CNA course before I began LPN classes and it has helped me tremedously in clinicals. Plus you can earn income (a little - it is low paid), obtain experience and make contacts and referneces. Its win win.