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  1. Hi guys Ok I would like to attend nursing school to become an lpn. But I've never been a cna. Now I've heard people say you have to be a cna to earn experince ,I just would like to make sure. Also I work a 40 hour job and also have a new born son it will take a year to finish. But I feel this is the best opportunity for me to support my son..I know I will miss him a lot so should I do it?
  2. margueritef

    how do you feel being a nurse

    Hi guys I have a question, how does it feel being a nurse. And to know some of your patient may past, or knowing that you can support your family. And what would you do before you leave this world. Are you proud to be a nurse ,knowing that you can help a person you have no clue about. Is the wages worth your while being. Is this a job you decide to take because a family member. Is being a nurse an amazing experince. So tell me how does it feel being a nurse!
  3. margueritef

    Latoya's Health Education and Training Center

    Yea I know what u mean...just try talking to your caseworker,if you have one.
  4. margueritef

    Latoya's Health Education and Training Center

    Hi sweets was the test easy
  5. margueritef

    Giving Up???

    All I can say is don't give up.. what ever you do there are barrers people face everyday to get to where they, would like to be ... ill be honest with you try to found a another nurse or tell her what she is doing. Hell I would like to be where your at... I'm 20 yours old and trying to be a cna, so I can support my kid... I hope the best for you and your decision!
  6. margueritef

    what is a compentency test ?

    hi, everyone Is it just a test to see what you know before you get into a medical program, and do you have to take one to get into cna classes.
  7. Hi My friends is going to medical school to be a medical assistant. And she wants me to go but I heard people say that you should waste your time, trying to be a medical assistant just be a cna. while that's really what I want to do is be a cna. And its hard for people is saginaw to get a job in being a medical assistant. So..my friend says you'll get paid more being a medical assistant. But I feel I shouldn't waste my time! What do you guys think. Being a medical assistant better than a cna?
  8. margueritef

    Anyone know any good math teachers @ FCCJ/FSCJ?

    You can always teach your self like I'm doing go to a book store look for the subject you have to study on. And also look for the books that have steps. Because I'm a visual learner to.
  9. Hi. Everyone My question I been wanting to know is... I want to be a lpn, but everyone is telling me it best to starte as a cna, so I can get a feel of the nursing field. Now I'm wondering will being a cna help my support my family or lpn...now I love taking care of people don't get me wrong.. I just would like to get an opinion of people who are in the field. Please respond
  10. margueritef

    Latoya's Health Education and Training Center

    Hey, I live in saginaw and I wanted to start latoyas nursing school. I Hoping this will be a good program for me. So I can be able to support my newborn son. I wanted to starte out as a cna. But I really wanted to be a lpn. But people said I should start out as a cna, so I can see how I like the experince. But I wanted to know do you have to do a pbs test to become a cna, and is the test hard? also do you feel I should starte out as a cna, aswell? I'm sorry If I'm asking to much questions but I would like to know from your point of view! Thank you! Oh yea and I work night shift at work 6 to 2:30am. Do they have morning classes? Or a class close to time before I go to work.