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Start classes on Tuesday :)

sonomala sonomala (Member)

I can't wait! I got a full ride (Pell grants) so this summer I'm taking 12 credits, 12 credits in the fall and more in the spring. In two years I'll be a Medical Assistant and I can't wait! (My school has a 100 percent placement rate :)) I've got some humanities stuff to do this summer and two medical terminology courses. Finally some meat to my studies! I am so overjoyed and thankful to God for this opp! I also made a friend who did CNA to Medical Assistant to RN and now shes so happy. I can't wait to get into these courses!!!!

Congratulations! :yeah: You'll do great!

Congratulations and best of luck to you! :yeah:

Are you going to go for your rn or are you just doing medical assisting? just curious. If you are going to do rn why are you doing the medical assisting. I wish you the best of luck. I am hoping to do medical coding in august.

Just from my personal point, I graduated this past January with my AS in Medical Billing and coding and NO ONE is hiring, and the ones I have found want someone with 2+ years experience. Not saying it is like that everywhere. I would say take whatever you get first and than use that for experience factor even if the pay is not good at first. Good luck! I don't regret my degree at all.

I'd love to do RN but around here its sooooo hard to get into. Three colleges, in three cities near me take a total of 75 students. The prereqs take at least a year usually more and then its a two year at least waiting list. MA is growing fast where I am, many openings and many doctors offices hiring them. I've talked to many doctors, specialists ect that rec it as the way to go. (their hiring them in their offices :))

Thanks for the advice CandAmommy, :) Hang in there, you'll find something soon. I'm told that field is going to open up again soon. :)

Good luck on your path! Like I said I am happy about having my degree. I was never really interested in Medical Billing, but wanted to have an option to work from home with my two little boys. I'm much more excited about having my CNA license..the associates degree is just the silver lining :)

mizfradd, CNA

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congratulations! :w00t:

you will do great, you sound like a real go-getter!!

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

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That's good to hear about MA's in your area. I almost considered taking a MA class here & even filled out an interest form at a local school, but I decided to take a CNA class instead & I'm glad I did. There seems to be more MA's in this are than there MA jobs.

I start Tuesday, too! I'm really excited and getting more and more nervous the closer I get. Congrats to you on getting enrolled and moving forward in life. I've learned that life is all about these small steps, which you take so you can be in position to take these medium steps which give us the tools to make the big steps once in a while. So, don't forget to take life in small steps.

I had thought about the whole MA course, but then decided to go the CNA/PCT route instead, since there are more positions where I'm at for CNA's or PCT's.

I got approved for a big Pell for the fall, though, so I may sign on full time and continue. I need to do some of my pre-reqs like A&P and Alg before I even feel comfortable applying for RN school, so if I go this fall, it will be to do that, and perhaps get more training, possibly EMT. Couldn't hurt to have one more license, and hopefully I will be working as a CNA or PCT when classes are done.

If you got the Pell grants, I say go for it! MA is really an area by area kind of thing, I'm really lucky that out here its growing so fast. I'm already registered for AandP in the fall, its another hurdle to get over on the path. I'm in an intensive Medical Term class right now, only six weeks. I thank God I took CNA because it gave me a good basis and I knew the foundations of the first couple of chapters. You're going to do great in your class. :) If you ever want some help or need some advice, just drop me a line :)

Little side note about cnas in my area, salaries are dropping and right now there are way more cnas then there are jobs. Esp for students like me. Every cna class I know about has a waiting list. Exp cnas are reporting getting fired for the smallest infraction. With the applicant pool so big, ltcs are cutting the higher paid staff and bringing on lower paid new comers. They don't want degree students because they don't want to have to work with changing schedules. I feel for the residents of the ltcs, the quality of care is going down.

I think here, they're starting to move away from the CNA license, and move toward just having PCT's. I know I want some experience in LTC, but I don't want to do it forever. My interest is with stuff like oncology, or ER, or even search and rescue, but here it's kind of the same, there's just a real high turnover rate in LTC for CNA's.

However, like I said, the trend has been to move away from CNAs and toward PCTs. And the board at the college I'm going to may make the CNA/PCT set of courses into a pre-req for nursing. I'm not sure if they're doing this at other colleges or if it's even being considered in some places at the state level. But I feel like over the coming years we will start using more technical licenses in LTC than CNA.

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