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Anyone familiar with Stanly Community College? I was just wondering if anyone was accepted there before and what is considered a "good" teas score. :confused:

Thanks for any info!

We actually will use all our resources throughout the duration, or at least I plan to. I have not heard of any proposed changes, though.

Well...that makes sense! :) I would probably keep them as well. There is so many to buy!

Anyone accepted to Stanly CC fall 2012? I haven't received my official letter of acceptance, but did check my admission status online that states I was accepted...anyone else hear anything? I'm trying not to get excited because I'll feel more comfortable once I have a letter of acceptance in hand.

I'm the same way! I noticed it myself earlier this week on Webadvisor and I told my husband that I got accepted to nursing school at Stanly CC but now I am wondering if that means that I am truly accepted to the nursing program or not. I want that acceptance letter so I can know for sure!! BTW- on my Webadvisor, it says "Moved to Student" as admission status which means accepted but needs more information (I still need the CPR and medical form turned in). Maybe we will be nursing students together this Fall!!

I hope so too! My admission status states the same thing, Moved to Student! I emailed someone in admissions regarding the the acceptance letters and she stated that they would be received next, I'm patiently waiting!! Do you live in Albemarle? I live in Charlotte.

The two items that they need from me are: medical form, CPR certification, and CNA cert.

It's OFFCIAL, I got my acceptance letter into SCC today!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I'm really excited! Did anyone else receive their letter?

I just recently got into Stanly's nursing program for fall of 2012. I took the Version V, or Version 5.0 and got a 73 on it. If I were someone trying to get into the program, i'd probably shoot for the 80's. I'm very surprised I got in with just a 73.

hey question for you , Im currently in the nursing program . Finals are coming up and im nervous. the exam is cumulative. When you took it was it the same questions from the other exams or was it all new questions?

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