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Hi everyone! I need some help. After reading the thread about "good nursing homes" to work in... I was thinking and approached my administrator about starting some kind of program to increase staff morale/ team work/ appritiation (sp)?. My facility is small (48 beds) and we just got rid of agency staffing. What kinds of programs do you have to get the staff involved in team work/ staff morale?? I'm looking for something that doesn't cost much either;) Anyone work for an Extendicare facility? If so could you PM me? [email protected]

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What motivates me is learning something new, feeling I am making a contribution and feeling appreciated.

There are some good management books out there (usually available form your local library) that have "team building" exercises in them. Education + enjoyment. Show you care.

Quality activity meetings can be rewarding if you encourage people to come up with new ideas - it could be a simple as new curtains - give them incentive to be creative by asking management to put aside a small amount of money for improvements suggested by the staff. "We have been allocated $100 dollars what can we spend it on to make the residents/ patients happier?"

Try introducing aromatherapy - I always prefer the smell of eau - de - parfume to Oh de panroom any day. It doesn't cost much.

Then there is always "employee of the month" awards. Just a few suggestions


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We get free movie tickets, and gift certificates to restaurants

sometimes. :D

I think it's important for management as well as fellow nurses

to recognize eachother for a job well done. Sometimes a compliment here and there really goes a long way.

A raise would be a great morale booster for me! :)


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I have a wonderful staff of NAC's at the LTC I work at. If they have perfect attendance for l month, the admin. orders them pizza delivery.......if one of them has done something I consider over and above, I get them a "new car" (matchbox series)....small smell-good tea candle.....there are lots of ways to show appreciation......keeps the morale high.


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1)Pay them a decent wage,

2)Respect them for the person that they are and the education that they have,

3)Provide them the ability to obtain benefits that they may need to take care of their family,

4) Schedule enough staff on EVERY shift, so that they can provide great nursing care to every patient they have, not just the critical ones....

5) Call them in to the office to give them compliments, not just to chew them a new one...

6) Remember, human kindness goes a LONG way!

Onlt 2 of these actually cost money, the rest are free!

Just a few thoughts...

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