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Isn't it nice to get into your first (or only) choice school?

Good luck


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Congratulations Gemini!!! Good Luck to you. I am hoping to apply there as well. I have to do all my pre-req's first, which will take me a while. I saw there website and will apply to them once I have completed my pre-reqs.


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Congratulations Gemini!

I love St Vincents College, like you mentioned...the part time program is convenient for people like me. I looked into BHSN, but was unable to attend because they only have the first year evening and I cannot afford to quit my job. I also prefer to learn the information at a slower pace. I dont think I would be able to make it doing nursing fulltime unless, I quit my job. Financially, I cannot afford to do that.

I am a fourth semester student and will graduate next year. If I can assist you with anything Gemini, let me know. Again, congratulations!

LilQueen CMA

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I am happy to say I was admitted into St. Vincent's Extended Program for Fall 08'. This was my only choice for a Nursing program and am so happy to finally hear!! The greatest benefit of St. Vincent's program is that you can take 1 Nursing course at a time and not rush. I believe that is so important because there is a great deal of material to cover and I'd rather learn things more thoroughly than quickly. Wishing everyone luck in their acceptances.

How long is the extended program at St. Vincent. I was looking to start in Spring of 2009. I miss the deadline for fall 2008. I didn't know there were prive 2yr. RN programs. If I would have known that I would have been done.


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If you start in Spring 09', you will take say Lifespan Development and Religion or Ethics. Then in Fall 09' I recommend taking A&P I by itself w/Dr. Capasso for lecture (she doesn't teach A&P I in the Spring only A&P II that is why I recommend taking the other courses in Spring 09'), in Spring 10' take A&P II, in Summer 10' take Microbiology. After you complete A&P II, you will have 14 credits total that are required in the Extended program and you must have a GPA of 2.5 or better to start in the Nursing courses. If you do maintain a 2.5+ you will be starting Nursing 101 in Fall 10'.

You will then choose if you want to go full-time or part-time from there (I believe you can decide after you've completed some of your Nur 101 course so when it comes time to register in Nov. you will know what would be the best option). The 1st semester of Nursing courses has just Nursing 101 then your 2nd sem. of Nursing courses will include Nursing 123 & 124 if you choose the full-time route. If you want to do what I am doing, by going part-time you will only have 1 Nursing course each semester up to your 6th sem. where you will have Nur 123 & 232.

It is advisable to do the part-time option because you can still work during the day and then go to school 3 days a week without stressing yourself to fit everything in if you were to do full-time w/the 2 Nursing courses at once. I know of 1 person who is doing full-time but she doesn't work (only works odd jobs here and there) and she is doing well, but just think if you worked 40hrs and wanted to go full-time and still do good in your studies? That would be a tough task to do unless you have a job that you work from 4pm-12am and you can study there the whole time. I don't know of many jobs where you'd be able to focus greatly on your studies. It may be possible, but not a common occurance.

I will be going to St. Vincent's in the Extended Program for a total of 4 yrs and don't think that is so long because it really isn't. Even if you were to choose the full-time option, you still would be in school for 3 yrs. By just adding 1 more yr onto the plan is not going to matter a whole lot. Yes, you won't be able to practice until 2013 if you choose the part-time route but that's not a bad thing really. Whatever way you want to go, you won't be starting Nur 101 until Fall 10'.

I can go in more detail about what course(s) you still may need to take for Fall 08' at the Commun. College. Just send me a pm. I highly, highly, highly recommend St. Vincent's and I so much look forward to starting my educational journey there in the Fall 08'!! Any questions feel free to pm me. All the best to you :nuke:


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I just want to correct something I wrote in the 2nd paragraph of my last post. I stated that if you want to go part-time at St. Vincent's, your 6th semester of Nursing courses would include Nur 123 & Nur 232. Actually, the semester would include Nur 123 then Nur 270. Nursing 232 is taken in the 5th semester by itself. If you choose the full-time option, you'll be taking Nur 232 & Nur 270 in your 4th semester which would also be the last one too before graduating. Ok, hope this clarifies things.

LilQueen CMA

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Thanks Gemini. What are some of the prequistes I can take in the summer and fall of 08?


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I did end up filling out an application for St. Vincents. I went and took the accuplacer test (I felt I did pretty good, but I never got my score). A month later they sent me a denial letter:cry: and said that they would keep my application on file for two years and that I should apply to a community college then re apply and transfer credits from that community college. I really want to go to St. Vincents because thier program sounds the best for me since i do have to work while attending school. Does anyone know what classes I need to take for the Fall of 08' to transfer into St. Vincent's and has anyone experienced the same thing as I have? I'm not going to give up!!!:nono:


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You can take, Psychology, intermediate algebra, sociology, English, computer, Chemistry, biology and ethics. As long you do not take A&P 1 & 2 and microbiology, you can take the other classes on the college handbook. Do not take more than 15 credits at a community college. Make sure you do really well, since they getting an influx of applications now. I will graduate in 2009. I cannot wait......doing my externship this summer.


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Why do you not have to take A&P 1,2 and Microbiology. I thought those where pre-reqs for any nursing school. Should I take all those classes or just enough to equal 15 credits. I really want to go to St. Vincents so any help on what they accept will be helpful.:lol2:


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Why do you not have to take A&P 1,2 and Microbiology. I thought those where pre-reqs for any nursing school. Should I take all those classes or just enough to equal 15 credits. I really want to go to St. Vincents so any help on what they accept will be helpful.


St Vincent's wants you to take A&P 1 & 2 and Microbiology at the school. If you take them elsewhere, you either have to take a challenge exam or take them over. I only know one guy who passed the challenge exam barely. In my opinion, I think it is better to take them at St vincent's because they connect everything you will be learning to nursing.


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For Nam210 & LilQueenCMA,

As FutureNurse35 stated, definitely only take a total of 15 credits at Housatonic or Gateway CC. You only want to take A&P and Micro at St. Vincent's. I will give you sound advice as to what classes to take this summer, Fall 08' and Spring 09' to transfer to St. Vincent's. I highly recommend waiting until Jan. 09' to apply for the Fall 09' semester because you want to take your time getting the best grades you could to stay competitive in the application process. Strive to maintain at least a 3.2 GPA and you'll want to get your Biology, Intermed. Algebra, and Chemistry in the B range.

The summer classes start in 2wks on June 2nd and classes are quickly filling up. You will need to take a placement exam either in the next week or sometime in early July to see where you place in English and Algebra. If you place in both Eng 101 and Mat 137 that is great. If not, then you'll need to take a developmental course first. I highly recommend to register asap to save your place in the summer classes.

I know of many of the Professors at HCC and here is the best plan to follow for the Summer sessions:

1. World Religions (PHL 151) is offered only in session 2 and is most advised to be taken at Housatonic and also by itself. The Prof. is very good & she teaches at Fairfield too. This course will satisfy the Religion requirement. It's offered from 10:30am-12:30pm for 5wks.

2. Intro to Biology (Bio 105) is imperative to take during the summer because it requires less comprehensive work than when it's offered in the Fall or Spring semesters and also frees your sched. so you can take other classes. There are 2 excellent Professors teaching in Session 3 only: Prof. Mascola from 10am-2:45pm and Prof. Vital from 5pm-9:30pm. What is very good is that you will have 1 class each session to concentrate on and you will do well like that. I don't recomm. taking Bio in Session 2.

For the Fall 08' semester you'll want to take:

1. Intermediate Algebra (Mat 137) on Sat's only w/Prof. Cockerham. He is the best Math Prof. you could ever have. He only teaches that 1 class and it fills up very quickly so you will want to register right after you take your placement test to ensure you will get a seat in the class. **Stay far away from Prof. Irod Lee who also teaches on Sat's**

2. Ceramics or Western Civilization as your Humanities Elective. The only Prof. to take West. Civ. w/is Prof. Koch. He is the best History Prof. you will ever have no doubt. Prof. Koch's classes aslso fill up very quickly so register early.

3. Psychology (PSY 111) w/Prof. Sopchak only!! I only recomm. him because he too is the best in his field and at HCC. His classes just like the others will be full by the end of July for the Fall 08' semester so please watch the calendar here too. **Stay far away from Prof. Salzman**

For the Spring 09' semester you'll want to take:

1. Chemistry 111 w/Prof. Lloyd only. She is superb and will be teaching 2 regular classes and 1 hybrid. I don't recomm. the hybrid because of the complexity of the subject matter. Of all the Professors at HCC, her classes fill before any other because of her great teaching style. Be cognizant of registering early for this class. Prof. Hilli is good too, but her style is not as simplistic as Pof. Lloyd's. **I don't recomm. Prof. Steeves**

2. English 101 w/Prof. Kindilien only because he only requires you write 1-page essays where all other Prof. at HCC require 3-5 page essays. He also is very simplistic w/his style of teaching but you will still learn well from him. Just like all the other Professors at HCC, Prof. Kindilien's English class will fill quicker than most because he only teaches 1 Eng 101 class.

If you don't take ceramics during the Fall semester you can take it in the Spring w/Chem. Then in the Fall, you can take English if you choose. You will want to take a class that is very easy when you take Chemistry because you will be studying endless hours.

The only course I did not mention was Sociology which I highly recommend you both take as a CLEP exam which means you pay a fee just under $100 total and buy a study guide to review for a few weeks then take a test on the computer. If you score a 52 or so on the test, you will receive the 3 credits that would normally be granted if you took the course at Housatonic. You will save much valuable time and $$ if you take the Clep exam for Sociology. Once you pass the test then you will have attained the 18 credits you need to transfer to St. Vincent's. This is why both myself and FutureNurse35 stated to take 15 credits at HCC only. The other 3 will come from the Clep exam. I myself will be taking the Sociology Clep exam soon.

Ok, well I've given excellent information for both of you and I hope that you plan your semesters wisely because the last thing you want to do is rush to apply to St. Vincent's. Focus, focus, focus on all your classes which is why I broke everything down as to what classes are the best to take w/others.

Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance! :nuke:

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