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  1. I've been taking my pre reqs and was thinking of applying to St. Vincents. But I have been reading alot of discouraging posts about St. Vincent's. Can someone tell me if I am making the right decision or should I forget St. Vincents and apply to other Nursing Programs. Any advice would be great. How hard is it really to get into St. Vincents?
  2. NAM210

    Need Advice!!!!!

    The time is right if you feel it in you. I have been doing my job for 12 years and I am not happy at all. I have always wanted to be a nurse and now I feel is my time. I have just started my pre reqs at my local community college and I feel confident when I go to class. I am 31 and I felt like how could I even begin a new career. It took a lot of encouraging and this message board is the best place for us to get the best advice. I didnt realize how many people were in the same situation I was in. Keep going for your goal do not give up and as for the money situation there is lots of scholarships and grants uot there that they will give to unemployeed people. Speak to the financial office at your school and they will help you. Good Luck to you and go for it! I am!!!
  3. I am also starting my journey into a second career. I start my pre reqs on Thursday. I dont feel as nervous as I thought I would. I feel really excited and feel that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I have been in the same career for 12 years and it is not what I want to do anymore, I have always wanted to be a nurse and now is the time, I can feel it!!! I am taking Eng 101 and MAT 0075 at my local Community College. I am going part time so I think it will be at least a year or two before I apply to a nursing program!! Well good luck to all.
  4. NAM210

    Gateway Community College

    What pre-reqs did you take at Gateway? I will be attending there in the Fall.
  5. NAM210

    Acceptance or not from LPN Tech school

    Hi, Regi. You can always go to Naugatuck Community College and take the CNA or PCT class. I am sure you will be able to use your grant. The program is not that long. I know they dont get paid as much as LPN's. But it is something you can do while you pursue your RN. I was thinking about doing that so I at least can get some experience in working in the nursing field while I start my path on becoming a nurse. There are a few different places that have CNA and PCT Training. Here is a site I found that lists Health Training in Connecticut. Best of luck to you. http://www.ctdhe.org/EEIC/pdfs/HealthOccupationTrainingInCT
  6. NAM210

    Online Courses

    I have a question about online courses. When you apply to a nursing school what online courses would be excepted? What are some of the good online colleges? Also, is it better to just take the classes at a school or is it better to take classes online? I would like to know because I have to take pre-requisites before applying to Nursing School and if I could take some of my pre-reqs online I would like too. If anyone can help, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. NAM210

    St. Vincent's College acceptances?

    Why do you not have to take A&P 1,2 and Microbiology. I thought those where pre-reqs for any nursing school. Should I take all those classes or just enough to equal 15 credits. I really want to go to St. Vincents so any help on what they accept will be helpful.
  8. NAM210

    St. Vincent's College acceptances?

    I did end up filling out an application for St. Vincents. I went and took the accuplacer test (I felt I did pretty good, but I never got my score). A month later they sent me a denial letter:cry: and said that they would keep my application on file for two years and that I should apply to a community college then re apply and transfer credits from that community college. I really want to go to St. Vincents because thier program sounds the best for me since i do have to work while attending school. Does anyone know what classes I need to take for the Fall of 08' to transfer into St. Vincent's and has anyone experienced the same thing as I have? I'm not going to give up!!!
  9. NAM210

    St. Vincent's College acceptances?

    Congratulations Gemini!!! Good Luck to you. I am hoping to apply there as well. I have to do all my pre-req's first, which will take me a while. I saw there website and will apply to them once I have completed my pre-reqs.
  10. NAM210

    St. Vincent's College acceptances?

    I think I am going to take some general ed classes at Gateway and see if I can transfer them to St. Vincent's. This seems to be the advise I have been seeing on all the boards, to attend a cc then apply to the nursing program of choice. Thanks for all the great advice. This a great message board and a great way to get information. What types of general ed classes did you take. What type of Math, English, etc. :nuke:
  11. NAM210

    Nursing Schools in CT

    St. Vincents looks like a really good school. I think I might go to Gateway Community College and take courses I need to take and maybe apply to St. Vincents. I havent taken any college courses so I think my chances of getting into St. Vincents is next to nothing. They probably only except people that have college experience and have taken their Math, English and Sciences. Everyone that I have talked to about St. Vincents so far has great things to say about them.
  12. NAM210

    St. Vincent's College acceptances?

    How hard is it to get into St. Vincents and what do they require for their pre req's or can you take everything you need there?
  13. NAM210

    Nursing Schools in CT

    I would like to go to a two year. I hear that St. Vincents is a good school. I heard you can take an Extended Program there where you can take all the pre req's. But its also very expensive. So I was thinking of going to a community college for pre req's then apply to St. Vincents. Its going to take a long time either way I choose. Any suggestions are helpful?
  14. NAM210

    Career Change Advice Needed

    Hello. I am also a career changer and have decided to pursue a carrer in nursing. Its going to be hard. I have to start from the beginning, I have no college credits at all that a transferable so I have to start there then I can apply to nursing school. I also work a full time job and have 2 children. I am going to stay focused and reach my goal. Good luck to all of you. We can do it. And age does not matter!! LOL!!! We are all choosing a better, meaningfull and rewarding career.
  15. Thanx missy120808. Good luck to you too. I thought going back to school after 13 years would be silly, but everyone I talked to said its never to late to go back. This would be my second career. I am so excited. I cant wait!! It definetly will be a long hard road. We have to stay positive and encourage each and everyone to go for their goals to be a nurse. This message board is so positive and so motivating. We need more compatiant people in this world. Being a nurse will be so rewarding and I am looking so forward to helping and caring for people. Good luck to you!! And Congradulations on your acceptance!!! YAY!!!!