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Hi all,

I'm starting a nursing program in January, and it's going to require that I leave my current 9-5 job. I'm hoping to work part time somewhere, and I'd love if that somewhere could actually be relevant to what I'm studying. I know after I finish a round of clinicals I'll be able to work as a PCA or something, but what about before then? Any ideas?


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If you can find a part-time medically focused job that doesn't require experience then by all means take it. Otherwise, until you have some clinical experience go wait tables in a high volume restaurant. Become proficient at dealing with stress, juggling multiple priorities, and having face to face interactions with a variety of personalities from different walks of life. Depending where you work you might even be able to work less hours if the tips are good, and the benefit is that you don't have to take work home with you. You can always volunteer at a hospital a few hours a week during this time just to start getting a feel for the work environment and lifestyle.

Learning good time management skills and increasing your stress tolerance at any job will help you in the long term with nursing.

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nursing students do all sorts of jobs to make ends meet. To get hospital contacts do nursing unit secretary, phlebotomy, CNA, PCT. Other jobs: homehealth aide, dog walking, or tutoring - nursing, anatomy, chemistry, waitressing, etc

If you like psych, try applying for psych tech, mental health assistant or behavioral specialists at psych facilities or on psych units in hospitals. Some do require that you have a degree in psych but I have seen others that don't and will hire nursing students with an interest in psych.

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