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1st attempt at NCLEX - Didn't pass:/


Hi everyone,

I graduated in June and took the NCLEX July 22. I studied Kaplan for about 4 weeks, answered all, but 90 q bank questions and did all trainer tests. Unfortunately, after answering 265 questions and trying to register again for the exam I realized I failed. It has been almost a week and I need to get focused again and start studying. I realized during the exam I was lacking some areas of content so I have decided to study Saunders 6th ed. NCLEX-RN comprehensive review. My question is, since I already answered the questions in Kaplan, which program should I take now? I'm in no way giving up, I'm almost 40 years old and will pass, but I just need more time. Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks

NCSBN is cheap and they are the one who do administer the exam.

Thank you! I will give that a try.

I agree that NCSBN is a very good and comprehensive review. They have lots a great NCLEX style questions and they cover lots of content. The program is, however, VERY reading intensive, which makes it very boring and monotonous--not that that is a deal breaker, just something to consider. You mentioned that you felt that content was your weak area. I felt the same way before taking NCLEX, so I signed up for the Hurst Live Review along with the 5 wk NCSBN program to supplement. Hurst was great--they really know how to break down the content in a way that is easy to understand. Their videos aren't too long and I felt that they did a great job of keeping them upbeat. Hurst also has a question bank similar to Kaplan (6 tests w/150 questions each). Sorry, I just realized this comment is beginning to sound like an advertisement for Hurst--that was not my intent :) Anyway, that was just my 2 cents...hope that helps & good luck!

I Passed!!! And man was that stressful :down: Nursing school has probably been the most stressful thing I have ever done...since having a family, but I finished.

I Passed!!! And man was that stressful :down: Nursing school has probably been the most stressful thing I have ever done...since having a family, but I finished.

Congrats :) what did you use to study ?

Right out of school I did Kaplan, but I never really applied myself. I would answer questions and more questions but I only reviewed the ones I got incorrect. I was a low exam taker in school, but was Awesome in clinicals and understood the nursing process. This time I studied Kaplan, all the videos (which at times were SOOO boring!) But I knew I had to build my content up to be able to understand what a questions was really asking. I also purchased LaCharity's book on prioritizing and delegation WHICH IS A MUST!! I had so many prioritization questions on my exam and I know that this textbook saved me! I also signed up for the NCSBN NCLEX class and only got through about half of it, it was just too boring for me, so I joined Simplenursing.com and watch videos after videos then would go and do Qbank questions and kept doing that everyday. I studied usually 3-4 hrs a day due to having a family and responsibilities. At night I would look over my notes and look at the NCLEX Study guide that is floating around here. There were a couple errors on that study guide but I knew it and used it to help guide me. Know your fluid and electrolytes s/sx, what causes hypo and hyper, tx for it. The last two weekends I took the study class from Kaplan, since I had failed the first time they offered the class again for free. I took the Classroom Anywhere class and what a difference it made, hearing the information from a different instructor and also three months later helped me understand how to use the decision tree. We have passed nursing school and that was not an easy task, so we are knowledgeable, the NCLE,X however, is its own beast!