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Squeaky shooooeees... Help!


I currently have Dansko sneakers which were given to me as a gift, which I love. They're very supportive. I have a very high arch and I'm over weight so I need a really supportive shoe. The problem is that they're Sooo looooud. When I go to call a patient back I feel like they can hear me coming from a mile away.

I'm open to getting a new/different shoe... I'm Just wondering what the best would be? Or if I could make these any less squeaky? Help!

I had a pair of squeeky DAnsko clogs, gift from when I graduated nursing school so I could not exchange them - I contacted the company and told them about it. They had me send my squeeky shoes in and they sent me a new pair - free.

I now buy my Dansko's from places like NOrdstroms or REI that have a generous and easy return policy.


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I've had the squeaky shoe problem and actually wore shoe covers for a while until the soles got good and broken in (and stopped squeaking).

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My Alegria shoes were great and didn't start to squeak until a year into wearing them. Never occurred to me to try and return them....hmmmm. I wonder if I could have?