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Achoo!, LPN

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2 weeks, but we have some major tests before hand, blech! I'll definately need a break after those! :imbar


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My spring break is in 2 weeks but the first Tuesday back we have a exam on 27 chapters including O.R., Peds, and Maternity. So guess what I'll be doing? Extra study time sigh sigh sigh.

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Do you have the days, hours and minutes figured out too, Larry? Glad it's not just me! ;)

The days, yes.

But, wow, you must really be anxious!!!

Hours and minutes (???) -- Wannabe, you better be listening in class and not doing all that math!!! :)


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March 3 can't come fast enough!!! Finals will be over, and relaxation before next 8 weeks can commence.

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