Spring Break starts today!!!!!

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I'm so glad to have a break from school. I got myclinical mid-term evaluation today and my instructor gave me all "Satisfactories," she told me I was progressing well, that I was independent and went ahead with things. I was so happy with that, I just had to brag a little.


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GOOD FOR YOU!!! :balloons:

Sounds like it's time for a well-deserved break!

My Spring Break doesn't start for another 4 weeks...grrrr.

Enjoy your time off! :D


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My spring break started yesterday too! But I have a lot of studying to do so I am ready for those tests right after break. :)

I just finished my first week of clinicals so I haven't had any feedback yet.


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I love some spring break. I need a break.:roll


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:o My spring break ends at midnight! I had a huge psyche paper to write (30% of grade)

I hope you enjoy the time off!


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enjoy your break and congratulations on your progress in school!

my break starts monday week!

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Enjoy the break, all you folks with one coming up! :)

I just finished mine, but with a quiz, a practicum, and an exam this week, I mostly studied instead of vegging during the 'break'! My break comes when the semester is over! lol

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