Specialty...how did you decide?


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but, how or when did you decide on what area to go into? I know that I want to be a nurse with all of my heart an soul. I just feel so drawn to the community, like impoverished areas. However I don't want to be an administrator...I want to be as hands on as possible. So when and how did u all know what specialty was for you? Also what steps have you taken to achieve it?

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As I did different rotations I found I enjoyed some more than others. I also found a few I knew I would NEVER want to do.

I think a lot of people try something and just know. But there are just as many that don't get that moment in school. That's okay too! A med/surg floor to start on is awesome, full of skills that you will need forever. So it's okay to not know.

I'm drawn to both hospice and burn from having a few patients that touched me.

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I have wanted to be a labor and delivery / postpartum nurse since I had my first baby 18 years ago. I am realistic however, becuase I know that I might have to do my "dues" in other departments before I get my chance. I graduate in December!


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I've worked, med/surg, L&D, Pedi, and telemetry. I like both Pedi and L&D :) But I wouldn't mind getting into NICU or PICU someday, just not right away :) I work on a pediatric unit now as a PCT.


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I want to specialize in cardiac nursing due to family history and genetics and experience. I've worked in Peds, GYN/OB, Internal Medicine, and Cardiology; I feel most comfortable and confident in either Internal Medicine or Cardiology. I worked with a cardiac nurse at my last position which really helped put my interest into perspective, so I feel like I've found my niche.


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Thank you all for your responses...I have a long ways to go before I graduate in 2015. I was just curious as to how others found or decided on a specialty. Thanks again!


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I plan to do either Emergency Room or cardio. Just like the higher stress floors.

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I've worked in the OR for almost 5 years and that's where I plan on staying when I graduate nursing school.


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I just fell in love with it during clinicals. You have plenty of time to decide.

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I was dead certain sure I was going to go into a particular specialty, but then we moved and the only job I could geet was in a totally different one. I loved it. It led to something else. And several other unrelated places. And then...

In a roundabout way (very roundabout) it led me to where I am today, mumblemumble years later. I guess the moral of the story is not to plan on choosing your lifetime specialty while you're still in school and don't have a clue as to what's out there. (No, you really don't. Really. No.) Take the job you can get and see what happens!


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I want to say that you just kind of "know", but I thought I "knew" in nursing school that I wanted to do ICU even though I originally wanted to do something in emergency medicine from when I was a kid. Did my clinical specialty/capstone for my BSN in Pedi and also Adult ICUs because I wanted to do Pedi or adult ICU. After I graduated, I worked on a tele floor for a few months as a stepping stone to ICU (and because it was the first job I got) and ended up bored out of my mind once I started working ICU unless my patient(s) was(were) circling the toilet. Thus...I'm back to my first love - emergency.

I do agree, however, with being very, very flexible when looking for your first job. It's a first job and you're a new graduate with no experience - be happy with getting that first job even if it is in (insertnotexactlyyourfavoritespecialtyhere) nursing. Once you have the ever important "experience" on your resume, the doors will open. Also, your foot will already be in the door. Make friends on other units. Make connections. Work hard and things will come around.