Speaking of imperforate anuses.. an HR story


Just for the sake of argument, if you applied for a student position at the advice of your nursing dean and several teachers but was given the run around by one particular person in the HR department - who doesn't even work for your organization but rather a staffing agency somehow related- what would you do?*

I've been fighting this since August, watching people all around me get placed on floor positions while I have been continually told that there is nothing available.

Took the initiative finally and went up to introduce myself to the floor manager on a unit that has some openings and he really liked me and encouraged me to apply. Today I wrote an email to the same person in HR that's been giving me the runaround and was told that I cannot apply until I have my RN license but to try back when I do; pretty interesting considering that all of the recent hires are in my class - thus none of them have anything more than an LPN license like myself.*

I don't know what to do at this point. I am not one to complain to higher ups but it feels like I've been backed into a corner and not given a fair shot. Please don't misunderstand - I realize that NO ONE is entitled to to a position however I do believe that all qualified candidates should be entitled to a fair shot. Somehow this person in HR just keeps blocking me.*

Would you file a complaint to someone above him? I am concerned that it will just look like I'm upset over not getting a position. (If it makes any difference this guy has several complaints against him already, accusing him of hiring based on physical appearance vs qualification but that is not a road I'm willing to travel)

I simply want the chance to prove myself as a newer nurse and really hate that my introduction has to begin so dramatically. I'm a good student and to be frank, the majority of our nursing faculty supported me and wants me to work there. I just can't fight this guy in HR. Any advice is appreciated. *

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If you're using your picture as an avatar, PLEASE CHANGE IT ASAP. This is particularly important, given the nature of the inflammatory information in your post. Although you have veiled it, your anonymity is compromised if you're using your picture.

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Would you file a complaint to someone above him?
No, I would not file a complaint. Instead, I would focus my efforts on securing placement elsewhere.

In a previous post I had mentioned that job-seeking is similar to dating: one party is sometimes much more interested than the other. If some HR manager loses interest in you or was never interested to begin with, (s)he can choose not to extend an offer to you. If a person loses interest in a partner they've been dating, they can choose to no longer date that individual.

This seems like a case of "I am just not that into you." Figuring out the real reason for not getting a position is like finding a needle in a haystack. Like I said, complaining is only going to shed negative light upon you. It would be best if you focused your time and energy on securing a spot with another company. Good luck to you!

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If the HR person associates the title of your thread with your picture, you are never going to work for that organization, ever. HR people are sharks you are a little guppy. He will chew you up and enjoy doing it. HR does have bots that scan the web for info on employees and potential new hires. I really think you should ask the admin desk to remove this thread and change your avatar.

Go back to the unit manager and let him know that you have an online application filed in case he would like to request it from HR. DO NOT bad mouth the HR person. Just don't go there. This person is obstructing the hiring process already, if you say something negative it will back fire. Maybe he wannts someone, a relative maybe, to get the job. Maybe he is being pressured to have more diversity. Maybe the job postings haven't been updated or there is a recent hiring freeze. Who cares, you just have to play the game.

Be the savvy professional that you aspire to be. In fact it will help your cause to say " Oh Mr anus is has been very helpful." In the future, handle the Mr Anus like a snake. Very carefully and knowing that he could bite at any time. Hand the unit manager a professionally done copy of your resume on good quality paper in an envelope so that he has your contact information. He will request your online profile from HR. You sound angry and frustrated, do not let that come through at all. No one wants to hire a person who is disgruntled before she is even hired.


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Wanted to take a second and thank the folks who took their time to reply. In the end I did go up the ladder to HR - risky, yes, but in my mind I figured there wasn't much to lose. I made sure it wasn't a bashing session, simply told the person the facts and expressed what I'd heard from others. The person I spoke with seemed very interested in making the situation right and maybe something will come of it, maybe it wont, but at least I am sleeping better at night knowing that I've said my peace.