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Southwestern Illinois College Summer 2016

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I just thought I would start a thread for those who are applying to SWIC for Summer 2016. I have taken all my courses at other universities and I already have a Bachelor's but my courses will transfer. However, I need to take Medical Terminology and Sociology over winter break to get the 4 points in the Gen Ed section. For the Chem/Algebra/Bio section, I will have 9 or 10/12 pts depending on the grade I get in my Stats course I'm currently taking. I don't have any healthcare experience so no points there. So hopefully, if I can get the maximum pts on the Pre-Nursing Exam, I will have 21 or 22 pts..this is my goal at least. Just want to find out where others are in the application process...

Hi! I'm working toward a summer '16 start as well. Like you, quite a bit of my coursework is transferring from another college. I'm currently enrolled in Bio 157, Chem 101, and an algebra class. I took AP and the algebra years ago (like 20, ugh), so they needed to be more recent, but I lacked chemistry all together. This semester has been a struggle! I have solid A's in anatomy and algebra, but my chemistry grade is an 89% right now. So close to an A I can taste it!! I have enough credits from the General Ed section for 2 points. I'm curious to see what the DET will be all about. I have the study guide and plan to hit it hard once finals are over. I'm almost obsessed with calculating my points on a daily basis. Like it's any use to me now. í ½í¸ I peruse this forum occasionally, but usually don't post. It's fun to "meet" someone who could be my classmate soon! Here's to getting through the next few weeks of the semester in one piece (and lots of pointsí ½í¸‰).

I'm getting ready to take my DET. I'm really thinking I'm not going to get in this year. I only have 11 points (not sure how I ended up with so few). I'll have to pull 6 points on the DET to even stand a chance. I'm a little nervous about that. From what I hear, it's tough and easy to run out of time. How's everyone else looking so far with points?

Good luck!! I'm nervous for you. Please let me know what you think of the test. I'm curious about the reading comprehension. Like, if you can go back and read the passages again, or if the computer just keeps prompting you forward. I probably needed at least 6 points as well. I just spent a couple of hours studying tonight the manual, but with the semester starting to kick up, I'm having to spend more time on Bio 158 and stats class. I'm scheduled to take it in a couple weeks. Part of me just wants to go this week and get it over with, but I'm trying to not get impatient with the process and make sure I'm prepared. Best of luck to you!

I currently have 14 points and I take the exam on the 26th.

How did you do tranquileye82? Cjmmm5? I took the test on Friday and scored a 6. That English section was no joke. Geez. That puts me at 19 points (20 if the NE director accepts a 200 level psych class I took at BYU for the 200 level elective on the general ed section). Now on to the waiting for acceptance/denial letters to be sent out...

Hey Rfedele76, I did not do well at all! I got a score of 4. The graphs in the English section were pretty hard and I was running out of time so much that when I got to the math section I only had about 40 minutes to work through the problems when you are supposed to have about 75 minutes for that section. So, I have 18 points now. I hope it will still be enough to get in...just really disappointed. I wasn't expecting an 8 but I figured I could get 6 points. I will just have to wait and see. It will be a long month....

Sorry, just saw this! I actually just took the DET today, pushed it back as far as possible lol. I just missed 6 pts, so sadly I inlt have 15 pts total. í ½í¸¥ Don't think I'll be getting in this year.

Hello Ladies, I, as well, have applied to the Summer 2016 program. I locked in with 20 points, and now I am eagerly awaiting the emails of acceptance or denial. I spoke with a counselor last week about alternative plans to attend The Goldfarb Upper Division BSN program and the classes that I needed, but he told me that the past few years they have taken 16.5 and 17's into the program. I don't rely on word of mouth, so I am just hoping for the best and expecting the worst! I wish you all luck. Today is the 1st and it's a Friday, so I am hoping we can turn this stress into a different type of stress...worrying about vaccinations, getting CPR certified, and finding money to start this program!

Hi Jamescc! It's interesting how the information regarding points for acceptance varies. The rumor mill kills me, yet love to hear just about anything regrading cutoffs and acceptance times, lol. I asked in the nursing office a few moths ago and they told me 18 points had been the cutoff the last couple of years. :-/ I think with 20, you'll be good whether it's 17 or 18! I paced the floor Friday and probably checked my email 20+ times. Here's hoping this Friday is the magic day! Good luck!!

From reading past boards, it's usually close to mid April before they send out the letters. The last 3 years it's been I think 17 to 17-1/2 points to get in. One year I believe it was a tie of 18 points. I know I won't make it, but will next year. I'm thinking about looking into Goldfarb possibly at this point.

Sorry cjmmm5. ;-( I've thought about Goldfarb as well, but decided to wait out the SWIC application process first. Goldfarb has a year long wait list and the tuition was much high than I wanted to pay right now. That being said, you walk out of there with a BSN! Good luck to you in whatever you decide!

I did some digging through the forum to see when previous students received their letters, then cross-referenced that with calendars to see what Friday those days fell on. Here is the breakdown: 2015 letters when out on 4/10, in 2014 it was 4/4, and 2013, it was 4/12. So, 2014 was the 1st Friday of the month and the other two years it was the 2nd Friday. Please don't judge my crazy! With today being the 2nd Friday of the month and registration for classes opening next week, here's hoping today is the day. If not, it'll be another long week....

You're not crazy! Lol...I've searched every too. I was thinking about it this morning, pretty sure today could be the day. I figured they'd wait til the end of the day to reduce phone calls lol. So maybe in 2-3 hours? ;-)

See, I called it! Got my letter, it's a denial like I thought. I'll get it next year though :-)

Sorry, cjmmm5. Hopefully next year will be your year!

I got my email on Friday as well. I'm in! I have a girlfriend who'll go into the office and ask anything, so they told her today the cut off was 16 this year. I think I'm planning on going to the Friday night orientation, so hopefully I'll see some of y'all there!

Congrats on getting in!!! :-)

That bums me out about the 16 points. I had so many mishaps that I missed the next grade for a percent or two. And last semester I dropped 158. Had I worked a little harder, I could have made it. :-(

I'm kind of late but I did get in! I will probably be going to the Saturday orientation though. Congrats to all who got in. Cjmmm, sorry you didn't get in..but don't give up. I got more than one denial (from other schools) before I finally got an acceptance.

Hello everyone! And congratulations on getting accepted into the Summer 16 program. I am preparing for the Summer 17 program, and I wanted to know if anyone can give me advice on the DET...how did you guys study? If you used a study guide where did you buy it from? Any reply will help thank you