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South University, Savannah GA

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Does anyone know anything about South University online classes? I just enrolled at South University in Savannah GA. They were super helpful. They even guided me thru filling out my financial aid forms on line and took me to where I needed to go for a federal grant. Any feedback, good or bad?


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I agree they had me sign the promissory note before I saw was being offered and they enrolled me in one day! I did my financial aid and the request your transcripts for you in one day! I'm scared because I signed that MPN and don't know yet what I'm being offeredor how much tuition is going to be for me. If tuition is too much or I'm not getting enough aid, I'm contacting Direct Loans and doing a credit check in 2 months to make sure they didn't process anything.

I even asked the guy Mr. B. G (those are his initials) why is the graduation rate 26% according to FAFSA and he's like the government just puts up some numbers of what they think the graduation is then when I type other schools they seemed way higher, and its like everything he said was to hurry and get me in but when he noticed I corrected whatever he said, he'd rush me through. hmmmmmmmm

Is it true I can finish the RN-BSN in 9 months? Because that's what he said as well

I am looking for info from those who have done their MSN program. Talking with them abut that and can't get them to say how many credits they can let me transfer in from another MSN until I go through app process.

I started my RN-BSN in August and graduated in May of following year at my school. There was one Health Asessment course I needed and a few pre-reqs but the program iteself should have been no more than 9 months.

I would look carefully at this school. Seems I've read some poor reports about it here in the past. Take a good look before signing up.

Thanks for the info. Do you happen to remember anything about what you read like maybe which Forum it may have been on or what was said, or what it was pertaining to etc? Was this the MSN or BSN if you can remember? I know they are redoing their curriculum for the ANP program but the Educator program is up and running now they said. The ANP curriculum will be availiable June 1, and classes can start 28th they told me today. I know it is accredited by CCNE because I called CCNE and asked. Also accredited by NLNAC too. I sure wish you could remember either what you read or where you found it. Can you suggest what else to look for other than accreditation, length of program, credit hours required, and if able to sit for boards? Cost wasn't too bad. There were some that were a good bit higher. They aren't too forthcoming with information to me, but if the curriculum is not complete and available, admissions may not know all the answers. Thanks Barinbass

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I was accepted to this school within a week of applying! I did some research and looked at consumer reports. South seems a bit shady to me. I did not fill out the FASFA, and the financial aid girl hung up on me when I told her that I applied to 5 schools and I was not going to fill out the FASFA until I decided which school I would attend. Pretty sure certain I won't attend @ South.

When was this and what program? For your BSN or MSN? They can't seem to find the references sent to the one person in admissions I have been emailing. Don't know what their problem is but this is scaring me. I have no time for a school that does not have its act together and doesn't care about the student. What Consumer Reports did you check? The admissions dept or people we are faxing to are in Pittsburgh, Pa. Do you know why if the schools are in the south which they are? This one sd I could start classes in June this year after they start accepting applications June 1. Hope there is something good abt thia school. They are definitely accredited. No doubt. Barinbass

I read all the comments. Thanks for the links. It looks like someone dropped out early but had received financial aid. I know from my own experience, you have to remain the class long enough for the money to go to the class. That link nentions 60% of the course needs to be taken before dropping it if federal loans are to be utilized for the course. Sounds like my experience too. If dropped earlier than that, I would have received a full loan for school but didn't take classes in essence. That money would have to be returned by law. I very recently learned that the school where I took my pre-reqs for my BSN in 2005 also sent my funds back leaving a huge amt owed to them. There was no reason really since that has not been an issue at my MSN school and nothing has changed re the loans etc. That school didn't inform me either until I tried to get a transcript sent to South. That was nearly 5 years ago, and it is a state university. It was a Financial aid dept issue not a unlversity issue. Glad to read the coments thogh Thanks. Barinbass