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south university FNP Program

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Anybody starting the FNP program online at South University in September, 2015? I am. Let's all connect. Anybody currently in their program? Let's all connect. Anybody have strategies to locate preceptors? There is a Facebook group for this program, type in "South University Family Nurse Practitioner program". LET'S ALL CONNECT!

Trina Thompson


I am very torn between this school and another one. I have been accepted to south and I'm still trying to get all my application stuff in for the other school to see if i am accepted there. I was supposed to start south on the 6th and backed out last minute. I did speak with a nurse i use to work with and she is in the program now and starting clinicals and she said she really likes the school. What date does it start in september? The only reason I am worried about this school is because its for profit and looking for a preceptor and job may be hard. However the other school is a pediatric nurse practitioner and I am worried that will be even harder because it limits places I can go. ugh Decisions :)

I see your frustration. South starts September 14. I know people who have completed the orogram.without difficulty. I don't know of any school that finds preceptors for you except university of michigan and they have a waiting list I think, I've called. Going with South won't be a bad thing. As far as Peds, yeah that's narrowing the job opportunities probably.

Sweet&Petite, RN

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Trinathom, I dont see a facebook page/group for South University. I plan on starting October 22 for FNP.


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hey sweet&petite, I also start october 22,2015, lets keep in touch. I can't view the Facebook page because i don't have Facebook.


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