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Sweet&Petite, RN specializes in Women's Health.

I was an LPN for 8 years with most of my experience being in OB/GYN. Recently, graduated from ISU's LPN to BS program.Currently working in Labor&Delivery and starting FNP program with South University soon.

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  1. Sweet&Petite, RN

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Jenny, I am starting at South University on October 22. I would like to join the facebook group. Can you please send me the link? Danielle B.
  2. Sweet&Petite, RN

    south university FNP Program

    Trinathom, I dont see a facebook page/group for South University. I plan on starting October 22 for FNP.
  3. Sweet&Petite, RN


    VA BON sucks :***: I am having the worst experience with them. I have been told so many different things by different people. I don't believe anything anyone says from that office.
  4. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Mother-Baby to L&D

    Congrats, I'm super excited for you. I just landed my dream job in L&D as a new grad RN. Many hospitals in my area will not give a new grad a chance. I was an LPN for 8 years, though.
  5. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Pearson Vue Trick

    Sorry to hear that. I was routing for you. I passed in 76 question first go round. I used Kaplan for learning how to answer the questions. I used Sauders for Content. My school also enrolled us with ATI and evolve/elsevier. I think the key is to answer a ton of question. All in all, I think Kaplan helped me the most. At first, I was memorizing content and that is below passing level learning. NCLEX is trying to see if you can critically think your way through a question even if you don't know the content which is very similar to what would happen in clinical practice. Kaplan teaches you to think like NCLEX wants you to. Anyway, good luck. Just keep praying and studying and don't give up.
  6. Sweet&Petite, RN

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    I do not like when MA's and CNA's call themselves nurses. It is offensive. They do not take the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam and have not been adequately trained as nurses. This practice is very common in outpatient settings based on personal experience. At the last practice where I worked, I saw a MA put nurse on her business card and giving it to patients. I feel this is equivilant to an NP or PA putting MD on their business card and calling themselves a doctor. Words are one thing but to start putting it on documents and letterhead is another. In my opinion, I think these types of issues should be addressed by the state board of nursing and subject to penalty.
  7. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Va licensure by endorsment

    CryssyD, did they issue you a temporary license while you were waiting the four months?
  8. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Va licensure by endorsment

    I applied for a Virginia RN license by endorsement about 4 weeks ago. Has anyone applied to the VA BON for licensure by endorsement from another state. If so, how long did it take? Did they make you do fingerprints/ background check? I am getting alot of mixed information online and the VA BON is not very helpful when I call.
  9. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Have a few questions about obtaining in VA license by endorsement

    Has anyone applied for a license by endorsement in Virginia recently? My application has been pending for 4 weeks. I just want to know if anyone else has waited this long for licensure by endorsement.
  10. I just graduated from ISU's LPN to BS program. I started this journey Fall 2012 and graduated Summer 2015. I took 1-2 classes at a time due to working while in the program. It was very tough but doable with the proper commitment and dedication. Overall, I really enjoyed ISU. The admission process was smooth. Most of the instructors were very academically supportive. They respond to emails and calls within 1-2 days. The financial aid department answers the phone if you call. I used federal student aid, loans, grants etc., and had no problems. I was originally concerned about the financial aid department because I was an out of state student which meant high cost. I didn't want to receive any sketchy bills like I've read about online with some other schools. No shaddy business with the financial aid department. The most challenging thing is finding preceptors and clinical sites. The school gives you a list but you still must do the legwork and make arrangements. Ex. (reaching out to the DON, Nursing educator) Many facilities are not used to a nursing student being on the unit without a clinical instructor as it presents a liability issue. ISU does require you have nursing insurance and one of the facilities requested I up my limits in order to use there facility. Therefore, they are sometimes hesitant to approve the arrangement. My best advice is to present yourself professionally and have all your clinical paperwork together. In you live in the Hampton Roads/ Eastern Virginia area, Sentara facilities were more than helpful in arranging clinical. It is much easier to find a BSN preceptor with 3+ years of experience with Sentara because they require all new grads and current employees to obtain a BSN. I even did some of my clinical rotations on night shift and on the weekend since I was a working LPN. So far as the program, it is very time consuming. I literally spent 4-6 hours daily during the week. Sometimes I would spend all day Sat and Sun working on assignments. They require you to take proctored test, take timed quizzes, make postings on blackboard, participate in online discussions, write evidenced based practice papers, participate in group projects, and NCLEX prep. This program is very parallel to a brick in mortar school. Do not think because the program is online that it is the easy way out. It is not! I started out working full-time as an LPN but towards the last two semesters I had to stop working. I am glad I did. The last semester is intense NCLEX preparation with hundreds of questions daily. It all worked out for me because I passed the NCLEX-RN first time with bare minimum questions and many of my classmates did too. Overall, I highly recommend ISU's LPN to BS program. I had a great experience.
  11. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Indiana State University LPN-BSN 2012

    I must say that my experience has been awesome with ISU so far. I have been to numerous schools in the past and have been to way worse unorganized schools. I have called ISU on numerous occasions and have always gotten my questions answered. I have emailed different people in admissions, financial aid, and the nursing dept and they have responded promptly and professionally. I had all my transcripts sent to the school and all my classes were accepted. Phase 1:completed, working on Phase 2: 1 out of exams 4 completed, and hopefully starting phase 3: Spring 2013, TEAS:completed and scores above ISU benchmark. My DAR report looks wonderful (few x's and lots of checks). I only have 3 non nursing classes left which I am enrolled with ISU to take fall 2012. Also, I absolutely refuse to deal with the college network. I think they are loan sharks and I refuse to give them any of my money. I bought the study guides from ebay from another student (all four) for about $150.00. I used it for the first test and it was a breeze. The next exam seems like a ton of information so I will give myself at least 4 weeks to study. My overall opinion is what you put in is what you get out. I have done extensive research online and I have even read the ISU catalog. (Ex: I found out from the school catalog if you have 4 years of High School foreign language, you do not have to take it college level.) I had my transcripts sent and they accepted it. No one told me this, I called and spoke to a counselor and they verified this information. So in other words, do your research. This is college level and dont always expect anyone to hold your hand through the process. If your expecting it to be an easy route then you probably wont suceed. I have done online classes for years and it can be quite challenging when you have other aspects of your life such as full time/part time work, children, spouse, etc., I will keep everyone updated on my progress as I know some of you are apprehensive. I will let you all know if I encounter any "funny business."
  12. Sweet&Petite, RN

    Indiana State University LPN-BSN 2012

    I just took the Nur 106 Mental Health Challenge exam this Wed. The fee is based on the amount of credits and this goes for all the exams. The first exam is 2 credits and the current rate is 71.00 a credit so the total was $142. The next exam is 5 credits which is about $355 etc., The institution I used to proctor my test charged me a $35 testing fee because it is distance education course. I have not checked my DAR yet to see if it is posted because I assumed it would take a couple of days just like any transcript posting.