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  1. trinathom

    south university FNP Program

    I see your frustration. South starts September 14. I know people who have completed the orogram.without difficulty. I don't know of any school that finds preceptors for you except university of michigan and they have a waiting list I think, I've called. Going with South won't be a bad thing. As far as Peds, yeah that's narrowing the job opportunities probably.
  2. trinathom

    south university FNP Program

    Anybody starting the FNP program online at South University in September, 2015? I am. Let's all connect. Anybody currently in their program? Let's all connect. Anybody have strategies to locate preceptors? There is a Facebook group for this program, type in "South University Family Nurse Practitioner program". LET'S ALL CONNECT! Trina Thompson trinathom@gmail.com
  3. trinathom

    worth it or not, which school

    Been considering NP school but, is it worth it? It seems like is a very good job market for NP. I'm torn between South University and Walden University both online. Any thoughts?