RFI: Southeast Technical Institute Sioux Falls

  1. I was thinking about attending the above for their LPN program. Has anyone heard of this school or has anyone attended this program?

    I was concerned that it wasn't NLNAC or AACN-CCNE accredited. I was wondering how this might effect subsequent education if I wanted to go on to ADN school or find work in another state?

    any thougths on this program for others who have attended or known others who've attended?

    thanks in advance for any help

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  3. by   handyrn
    I do not know a whole lot but will tell you what I know. There was a Southeast Tech satellite program in Yankton, SD that was offerring the LPN program a couple years ago that is no longer offerring that program. I knew a couple of people who went there for their LPN. I was a manager at an assisted living facility at the time and I actually hired a few of the nurses from there. From what I gathered, they seemed to be pretty knowledgeable. I didn't hear too much complaining about their workload or clinical load. I never heard of any of those that went through the Yankton program failing their LPN Board Exams. Sorry I can't be of more help, but it seems that the South Dakota area is very quiet so I respond when I can since not many others do.
  4. by   RNMay2008
    Better late than never - I don't come on here very often, but here is my two cents...I attended Southeast Tech from 2004-2006 (and graduated from their LPN program) ... AWESOME school. Instructors are very knowledgable and excellent at what they do. I have no regrets or hesitations with recommending this school to others. Their NCLEX pass rate was in the upper 90's when I attended. As far as them not being NLN accredited, I did not realize this (may have just become an issue in the last couple years), but I had no problem getting into a RN program. Hope this helps, even though it's late...!