Relocating to Rapid City

  1. I'm a Southern California new grad, and am seriously considering relocating to Rapid City so my husband and I can be closer to his family. I would like to work in acute care, and my absolute dream would be L&D, Postpartum or anything related, as I'd like to return to school for my CNM within the next few years. Can anyone give me advice on which facilities to start looking for work, know of any hospitals hiring, or have any hook ups? Any advice at all about Rapid would be wonderful, as not only am I a new nurse, but also have never lived anywhere but southern California!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Two words: Thermal. Underwear.

    Seriously, the cultural change from SoCal to SoDak will be immense. I moved from Chicago to a town of 450 once, and grew to love it. Just don't plan on having Thai food delivered to your workplace at 0300....
  4. by   kristimarieSC
    Thanks so much for the reply! I'm definitely going to take your advice in that one! I'm a little terrified because I know I'll need a coat before I get there, but there isn't anywhere to buy a coat that is Midwestern winter caliber in my area! Well most likely be moving during the winter.
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    Lands’ End | Backpacks, School Uniforms, Dresses, Polos, & More BEST COATS ON THE PLANET. Mine is 15 years old and looks new. Seriously. Incredibly warm and comfortable.
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    OHHHH Thank you!!! I'm loving the insight! they aren't all shapeless coats either. LOVE it. Thanks so much!!!