pay in south dakota

  1. My husband and i plan to move to south dakota in the next three years, probally rapid city area, not sure though. I live near pittsburgh, pa i've worked telemetry, icu for almost 10 years now. I was wondering the pay scale is comparable to what i am making now. Thankyou for any information.
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  3. by   handyrn
    I can give you somewhat of an idea of how to tell how the payscales compare. Pay scales are based on medicare and medicaide dollars. Those dollars are paid based on the number of people in your state. Therefore, if there are more people in the state you are in, chances are good the pay is better. As for a specific range, it seems it is all over. I have seen pay scales for RNs in SD go from $15/hr to $25/hr. Hope that helps.
  4. by   doitallnurse
    The pay scale where I work, starts at 21.50 for new grads and goes up from there based on years of experience.
  5. by   SD**RN
    $20 dollars seems like an average starting wage for all the people i graduated with (just past december) you could expect more with your experience but we are one of the least paid states in the nation for nurses from what i've heard... the cost of living is cheaper too though so i would definitley look into that aspect also when making your decision i hope you decide to move its a beautiful place!
  6. by   dhouserRN
    I moved here from Michigan last August and took a $10,000 a year cut in pay. The work was not any different than what I left. I am an ICU nurse.
  7. by   dtchavey
    I moved here from Illinois last October and took a huge cut in pay. Even with experience many hospitals can get away with starting you at the bottom of the pay scale, this is a result of the GLUT of nurses in this state.
  8. by   Me2006
    are there any RN jobs in SD???