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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   klinden1
    Hello everyone. Congrats on all who got in. Now, please help me!!! I want to go to MUSC more than anything. I just received my BA in psychology and I feel like I just wasted the past 4 years since I am now pursuing another BA.. I had a 3.7 gpa. I still have some pre-reqs to do but will probably get A's and B's in the pre-reqs. I'll have all but 1 done before I apply. I have a lot of experience in psychology because that was what i planned on pursuing. I volunteered for a hotline as a counselor answering phone calls related to drug abuse, suicide, rape etc. I am starting to volunteer in the ICU of a hospital next week and by the time I apply I should have about 75 volunteer hours.. I'm certified in CPR.. that's really all my experience ... I am really nervous because I am an out of state student (I'm from NY and recently moved to Myrtle Beach in SC). I heard that they accept less than 20% out of state.. Do you guys think I have a good chance of getting in?? If anyone got in as a out-of-state student, do you mind sharing your stats with me. I'm so nervous!!! Also,do you think since I am young and right out of college (21 yrs old) that will affect my chances?? Please help me!! Thanks so much
  2. by   Olivia10
    Dear Klinden1; Dont worry, I am finishing the first semester and there are a lot of out of state girls in my class, diversity is huge in our group, there are people with all sorts of backgrounds, ages, experience, etc... I would recommend for you to get some experience in the medical field before applying, they love people that participate at the Scrubs program at Roper, or really any kind of volunteering or medical experience is great. I was so worried when i applied, the competition is great but if you want it bad enough and have good grades im sure u have a good shot, like i said dont worry diversity is huge in our program, i think the youngest girl must be like 20 and the oldest in her 40s so u are fine GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. by   klinden1
    thanks olivia10! I hope you are right! Unfortunately I can't do the scrubs program at Roper cause i live 2 hours away ... by the timei apply i should have about 70 volunteer hours in a hospital so i hope that will be good...

    can any out-of-staters share there stats with me? thanks!
  4. by   NICANT
    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to this thread and will be applying for the spring 2012 program. I have a few questions regarding the resume. Is this a typical job resume or are they looking for something different? I am also nervous about the essay portion. 100 words doesn't seem like a lot to describe yourself. What is the essay on? Why you want to be a nurse? I only have a little over a year working at an Optometrist office...would this be good enough for "health care experience"? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much. Also, I am a military spouse and we will be stationed here for at least 3 years....does that hurt my chances?
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  5. by   wannaa
    I'm applying for spring 2012 and just heard the worst news ever which I'm HOPING is a rumor!! So if anyone could clear this up for me that would be great!!!

    *****I heard that there is a two year waiting list to get in.

    If I got accepted would I have to wait two years to start the program? Somebody please clear this up for me!!

    thanks ya'll!!
  6. by   Annaiya
    MUSC does not do a waiting list beyond the current semester (there is a wait list in case not everyone accepted starts the program). AFAIK only the community college keeps a wait list to start the program.
  7. by   i<3mysailor
    Hello everyone Good luck to everyone who is applying for next spring! I've been accepted for this fall....yayyyyyyy!! I didn't have much related experience at all, I worked in a hospital for less than a year. My volunteer experience wasn't related to the medical field (I coached a 4H group and tutored, I think it added up to about 160 hours). I think what helped me the most were my references (choose wisely!) and I had done research during my undergraduate degree. My prereq GPA was a 3.96 and my cumulative was a 3.6, I'm technically an out-of-state student, however, I qualify for in-state tuition because my husband is active duty Navy As far as the essay goes, keep it to the point. I'm pretty sure I had to revise mine 10 times in order to have 100 words or less! I hope this helps! PS....everyone who has been accepted for this fall, JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY...PLEASE
  8. by   AlaBro2010
    Klinden1- I will technically be considered out of state since I will be living here 11 months before I apply not the full year.

    Here are my stats:
    3.9 gpa cum
    4.0 pre-req gpa
    I'm in the SCRUBS program and also volunteer at another part of the hospital. I'll have the 40 hours with the scrubs program done when I apply and about 70 hours of the other when I apply.
    I have work experience in a dental office (oral health? Counts as health ? Idk).
    Previously had my CNA.

    That's all I can think of right now, I'm really nervous and have a back up plan I hope I don't have to do : ( I think you'll do fine though!
  9. by   Free-heeler
    Just wanted to say good luck to everybody coming into the ABSN program at MUSC. I was in your shoes a not-so-long sixteen months ago. I know the anxiety of getting accepted into nursing school is crazy. Getting ready to graduate, so sweet. Now comes the hard part of finding a job. Thing I liked best about the program, is they do really do bend over backwards to get everyone through, as long as you put out the effort. The only people we lost from our class just really didn't want to be here. Looking at some of yall's stats coming in, I don't know if I could get in again. I definitely was no 4.0 student coming in. Be encouraged if you make the wait-list though, cause we had several people in my class get in off of that. One of them started after we were already in orientation. Best of luck to everybody, and congrats to my graduating class of May, 2011-you rock!
  10. by   charlestonsailing
    Word! congrats to us. Wahoo. Fun party today too. Thanks Elizabeth, Kelly and Audrey and anyone else who helped and reads this.
  11. by   hiddenparadigm
    Can anyone tell me what essay questions have been in the past? I want to start writing some stuff down, it would be helpful to be drifting in the right direction while doing so. Thanks in advance! I hope to be living in beautiful Charleston soon!
  12. by   Calilouyah
    The last essay question for fall 2011 was about why you want to become a nurse and how you bring diversity. Quick question: does anyone know when we will be receiving our financial aid award packets? I am wondering how I am going to pay for school. Any information on financial aid would be very helpful.
  13. by   jBj4321
    Thank you all for this generous information on the ABSN program! I am planning on applying for the 2012 Spring semester. I understand that applications don't open until July 1st. I currently live in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I'm originally from Kentucky. Hopefully being from the South has some weight, hah. I'm nervous about being out-of-state though.

    My background is extensive and diversified. My undergrad was a B.S. in biology with a 3.5 GPA. I've worked in a variety of places related to bio (zookeeper, food science, etc.). I've done well in prereq's.

    My experience related to medical...
    -3 years working as an ER registration clerk through college (full time and part time)
    -brief experience as a nurse assistant on a spinal cord injury unit
    -volunteered abroad with a medical NGO in India and Costa Rica
    -volunteered as a research assistant at UCSF in biopyschosocial health research

    I hope this is the kind of qualities they are looking for and can outweigh the fact that I'm out-of-state. Anyone in the program shine some light on my background? Do you think I have a chance? How many people in the current cohorts are out-of-state and do you think these students had to have superb applications to get in? I'm worried my GPA isn't stellar enough.

    Thank you kindly.