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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   parker2010
    Someone told me to go ahead and go to the admissions office and get my immunization form, confirm that they rcieved my fasfa, and let them know that I am still wanting to go. They told me to go ahead and send my transcripts after I am finished with my classes this semester. How long did yall have to wait. They told me at MUSC you have 3 weeks to submit your deposit, so maybe I could hear in a month. I really really want to go to MUSC and hope that a spot opens up for me!
  2. by   karolina124
    I'm an alternate as well, Parker. Grades and test scores are good, but my volunteer experience is low.. (I guess I know what I'll be doing this summer in my free time!) It's tough to wait but hopefully it will work out for both of us!!
  3. by   amybeth5
    I am still waiting on my letter. I am a local too so maybe I will get something here soon. Although I did use my school address and we are on spring break so maybe that has something to do with it. I have no idea. I wish everyone the best of luck. I am (as everyone) really hoping for a FAT letter! I hate waiting and this is killing me!
  4. by   omaldon2
    I found out on Monday I was accepted for Fall 2010. I'm out of state from IL but my mom lives in SC
    soo excited, congrats to all!
  5. by   LaurenB123
    I got my letter of acceptance on Friday...third time's a charm! I'm so excited. Can't wait to meet yall at the orientation and information session in June!
  6. by   amybeth5
    No acceptance letter again but I know there is something else out there. I am applying again for the Spring. Hopefully I will get in next semester! We will see... CONGRATS TO ALL! I know you are excited!
  7. by   travelngrl
    Hello all,

    Just got accepted to the MUSB ABSN program. I'm out of state and having a hard time deciding if the cost of the school is worth it to me.

    Anyone who has been through the program- will you post what you DIDN'T like about the program? I have hard a lot of great things, but I'm wondering if anyone has had a negative overall experience, or small negative experiences throughout the entirety of the program.

    You can also post any positive things you think are worth weighing!

  8. by   Annaiya
    No program is going to be perfect. There were people in my class that complained constantly about the disorganization of the system, the fact that things kept changing, etc. And although this can be frustrating at times, there is a lot for the administration to coordinate and there is no way to have it go perfectly every time. I think it depends on what you value. I wanted to make sure I was at a school that that would make sure I would graduate. A lot of nursing schools do not support you, MUSC is not like that. We had 60 people in our class and graduated 59, and the one person who didn't finish left the program during first semester due to personal reasons. So many schools only graduate half of their starting class. It is expensive for out of state tuition, but you can be sure you will end up with a degree at the end as long as you're willing to put in the effort. I was out of state too, but I got lucky and they gave me a scholarship for in state tuition rates. I don't think they have the money for that anymore tho
  9. by   parker2010
    I had tried to call last week to go over my application, to see what I could improve on in the event I was not off the wait list and had to reapply. I got a call today saying that someone had dropped and that I am OFF THE WAITLIST! I am sure the person from MUSC that called me thought I was crazy because I was so overjoyed I started crying. Can't wait to meet all of yall in June!

    As far as the is it worth it comment, I had applied and been accepted to a less expensive school but held out for MUSC. You get your bachelors and I just feel it is a very respected school in the area (which I don't ever plan to move from!). I want to go on and become a Nurse Practitioner, so for me it seemed like a perfect fit. Oh and I want to work with Peds. I had heard some not so great things about the program but all of the benefits far outweighed the downside. It is 4 semesters which is far less than any of the other programs I looked into. And as far as the classes getting rescheduled etc. My roommate is a DR. there and they have been doing renovations etc, even she says things get moved alot and it is hard to know where you are supposed to go. But the newest wing of the hospital just opened and so I think there is less confusion.

    I couldn't be more excited than I am right now!!
  10. by   charlestonsailing
    Congratulations. I am a first semester student. I think I am pretty happy overall. I think what I like most is that almost everyone in my class is very motivated and works very hard. That is big for me as I am going back to school at age 36 and was worried about everyone acting like a bunch of college kids. The staff are almost all friendly and interested in your success. There is a bunch of shuffling that goes on and parking is for the birds. Overall. I am thrilled to be here. Congratulations. I know exactly how you felt.
  11. by   2bowdown
    I found out that I was accepted a couple of weeks ago. I'm way exited since I grew up in Mount Pleasant. It will be nice to be back home. Congrats to the rest of you and I'll see you in august. For those who didn't make it, just keep at it. If you really want it you will find your place....Good Luck!!!
  12. by   2bowdown
    A question for anyone who might know:

    My wife is a nurse and interviewing at MUSC. Are there any benefits for MUSC nursing students if you have a spouse employed there???
  13. by   charlestonsailing
    I don't think there are any benefits other than what any other spouse of an employee would have. I have a few friends in my class who work at MUSC so I'll ask them if they know anything.